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10 Things You’ll See At Temple University’s Bell Tower

10 Things You’ll See At Temple University’s Bell Tower


The Bell Tower at Temple University is the place to be on campus. You will most likely make your way pass it while getting to and from class. Since it is as the center of campus, all kinds of people, organizations, and events take place there. So…what can you expect to see at Temple University’s Bell Tower? Keep reading to find out!

1. Students Hanging Out at Beury Beach

Beury Beach is located right next to the Bell Tower and it is the perfect place to study, chat with friends, eat lunch, or even take a nap!


2. A Preacher

If you have been at Temple long enough, you know who we’re talking about!




3. Clubs and Organizations

You can see different clubs and organizations’ tables set up at the Bell Tower trying to get you to join! Sometimes they have free food!


4. Fundraisers



5. The huge crowd of students heading towards Gladfelter and Anderson Halls.

6. Ice Cream Trucks!

During the spring and summertime, you can catch ice cream trucks on either side of the Bell Tower!



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7. Fun events

Make sure you keep a lookout for fun events at the Bell Tower, especially during the beginning of fall semester. Events include Cherry and White Palooza, the Golf Cart Parade, and the Pep Rally!

8. Hooter The Owl

You can always catch Hooter The Owl showing school spirit on campus, and one of his favorite places is the of course – the Bell Tower!


9. Posters for Sale

Okay, one of the first things you’ll see once you start the semester at Temple is posters for sale at the Bell Tower! They have everything from your favorite TV shows, sports teams, celebrities, and artists! It’s the perfect piece of decor to add to your new room once you move in!

10. Students taking pictures

Are you really a Temple student if you haven’t Instagrammed the Bell Tower?


What other things do you see at Temple University’s Bell Tower? Make sure to comment down below!
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