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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At UNH

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At UNH


We are told college will be the best four years of your life and everyone wishes they could go back. Plus, who wants to live with regrets? Why not mix doing crazy and fun things to make your college experience at UNH perfect without having any regrets when it comes your time to leave this beautiful campus. If you follow these simple tips, I promise you will have an amazing time at UNH. Here are 15 things you’ll regret not doing at UNH!

1. Experience U-Day (getting involved)

If you like free stuff and free food, U Day is for you! It’s a great way for freshmen to get involved and see all of the clubs and organizations offered on campus.



2. Tailgate!

When football season comes around grab some friends and pile in a car and get to Boulder Field. It’s the perfect to place to hangout with some friends, have your own mini dance party while jamming to some good music. Be young wild and free.

3. Go to a crazy party!

At least one night in your college career you need to experience a crazy “college party”, and what better place than at UNH! Strut your stuff down Frat Row, go to MadCom, take the bus to the lodges. Be crazy!

4. Show spirit at the hockey games.

UNH is ranked D1 and has the best student section, why wouldn’t you wanna go? Definitely one of the many things you would regret not doing here at UNH!


5. Eat at Wild Kitty!

The best place on planet earth and UNH campus! The waffle fries, mozzarella sticks, milkshakes… I could go on and on about how amazing Wild Kitty is. After a little late night out with your friends, definitely the place to be and one of the places you will regret not going to during your time at UNH.



6. Dimond Library

Finding your go to study place is hard, but try and find a place that’s perfect for you. Check out every floor on the Dimond Library, go into secret hallways and find a spot that overlooks campus, a place you can call home for studying.

7. Walk though College Woods.

A hidden place known to students at UNH allows you to go on hikes, see the beauty of nature and escape your responsibilities for a few hours.

8. Amtrak

The station is right on campus and can take you anywhere for less than $20. It’s crazy. Want a day trip to NYC to see the tree during the holiday season? Easy, walk fifteen minutes to the train station and hop right on.


9. Intramurals

This is a great way to meet new people, win a free t-shirt, and still stay play the sports you love if you did not continue them from high school. So many kids have so much fun playing intramurals and say they would regret not playing them and missing out on the chance to make the friends they now have.

10. Dairy Bar

This restaurant has homemade ice cream and order-at-the-window food that is just to die for. The Dairy Bar is one of the most known locations at UNH and if you don’t go there at least once…you’ll regret it.

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11. Whittemore Center for Concerts

SCOPE, the organization here at UNH puts on wild concerts for students and non students here at the Whittemore Center right on campus. There are two concerts a year a fall and spring semester concert and if you don’t go to at least one, guess what? You’ll regret it.


12. Taking pictures with the Wildcat.

Ahhhh the Wildcat, if you rub its nose its supposed to be good luck. So in front of everyone, be proud and get on the Wildcat. That picture will remind you of your college years when you’re old and gray and how great spending your four years at UNH really was.


13. T Hall Lawn

My favorite spot on campus, and the most cliched, but who cares? During the first few months of school everyone is out sitting on the lawn playing football, reading, doing homework and drinking coffee. If you don’t grab some friends or even go outside and sit out there by yourself with a good book and take in the beauty this campus has to offer I promise you will regret it.

14. D Hop

Oh the 99 cent slices. Need I say much more? You’ll regret it, now go get some greasy cheap pizza.

15. Living in freshman dorms.

This is a must as a freshman! You will meet so many new people, experience what college should be and hangout and get to know people going through the same thing you are. Trust me…you’ll regret it! So make it happen.


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