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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At UConn

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At UConn

Regret Not Doing At UConn

Every college has their traditions, and majority of the student body usually attends these annual events. There are also certain things each college student should engage in by the time they reach the end of their undergraduate career. If you are a senior you may have regrets about not doing some of these things, but you still have time to cross some of these off of your college bucket list. I hope by the time most of you graduate you have done these 15 things and enjoyed your college experience to the fullest. Here are the top 15 things you’ll regret not doing at UConn!

1. HuskyTHON!

This 18 hour dance marathon that takes place every year in the spring semester. Each team is paired with a child from CCMC, there are different themes every 2 hours that everyone dresses up for, and every hour on the hour everyone does the morale dance. With plenty of music to keep you awake and on your feet you will definitely want to be a part of HuskyTHON during your time as a Husky.

2. Oozeball!

Oozeball happens every year during Spring Weekend. Student Alumni Association started this annual mud volleyball tournament in 1984. It has up to 400 teams, drawing in close to 3,000 student spectators! If you didn’t play oozeball, did you really experience Spring Weekend at UCONN?


3. Going to a party.

I’m not the kind of girl to go out every weekend, but you have to go to at least one party during college. This is so you can get an idea as to your comfort level with partying in college. You don’t have to drink, just go out with your friends, dance, and have a good time. If you never try you’ll never know if you like it or not.

4. Late Night!

If it turns out parties aren’t your thing, try going to late night! Every week there is a different theme with lots of activities. You will always find free stuff, free food, wings at USM, and lots of karaoke!

5. First Night!

The most exciting way to kick off basketball season!


6. Going to basketball games.

You live in Olliewood, the basketball capital of the world, UCONN country. It would be a sin to not attend at least one game for either of the teams. As both teams begin on the “Going 4 More Tour”, go support them and show your UCONN pride!

7. One ton sundae!

During Winter Weekend students can come and get a big container of ice cream, toppings included! One ton sundae is a tradition at UCONN, and it’s dairy bar ice cream. We’re one of the only schools that thinks ice cream in the winter is normal, so let’s embrace it!

8. Tailgating/football games.

With a parking lot specifically for students at Rentschler, tailgating is a must for the fall semester. Everyone is prepping and pre-gaming, and you have a great view of the field once you get inside, courtesy of the student section.


9. Painting the rock.

No matter if you’re doing it as part of a club, for a good cause, or just for a friend for their birthday, painting the rock is a must for UCONN students. It’s a great bonding activity for any team and you can be so creative with it!

10. Tabling at an open house or involvement fair.

Being involved on campus means showing off your group to other students. Be proud of your fraternity, club sport, dance group, cultural organization, or personal interest group! Also, try to recruit prospective students to come to UCONN by displaying the vast variety of choices they can get involved in during Open House!

11. Watching a show at Jorgensen.

UCONN and the CRT offer a variety of events each year at Jorgensen. Last year we had guests such as Bill Clinton, Nate Ruess, Iliza Shlesinger, 3 SNL stars, and orchestras and bubble shows! Dance groups on campus also use Jorgensen for showcases and shows, so come support other student organizations throughout the year!

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12. Sledding or having a picnic on Horsebarn Hill.

Horsebarn Hill is a sight to see at any point during the year. It is especially beautiful to watch the sunset and have a nice picnic with friends or significant others during the warmer months. The hill is also perfect for those snow days after classes have been cancelled.


13. Visiting the Benton.

Having an art museum in the middle of campus encourages students to come a look at some interesting exhibits at any point during the year. From aboriginal art to puppets and presidents there is something for everyone. They also have a cafe on the first floor so you can snack at the same time!

14. Going to events during homecoming.

The week of homecoming is a very exciting time across campus. Banners and floats are made, groups battle it out at Lip Sync and Alma Mater, and the carnival and football games are big student hotspots. Come watch the student body connect through a common theme and show your Husky pride!

15. Taking a picture with Jonathan (3 ways!)

There are three Jonathans you should take a picture with before you receive your diploma, and if you don’t get one with each you may feel like you’re missing something. The nose of the statue outside of Gampel has been rubbed by everyone wishing for luck so much that it glows. The mascot is at most major events, including sports and major weekends. The actual mascot, Jonathan XIV, also attends all the football games and many other events, including HuskyTHON!



Wondering about other things you’ll regret not doing at UConn? Leave a comment!
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