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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At UCLA

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At UCLA

Regret Not Doing At UCLA

Everybody always says the good things never last. This is especially true when it comes to college, notoriously known as the best four years of your life. Going to a school as beautiful and busy as UCLA, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with everything going on all the time. Here are my top fifteen things you’ll regret not doing at UCLA.

1. Going to a UCLA v. USC game

The only thing more notorious than our eight-clap is our rivalry with that other school. Whether you take the rivalry seriously or not on any other day, your loyalty shines on game day. When it comes to athletics, UCLA v USC games are as intense and entertaining as it gets. Bruin spirit and pride is especially high whether we’re cheering on football or tennis (or any other sport). When we’re playing USC, the entire school stands together, creating an amazing feeling of belonging and community, making the game feel more personal.


2. Eating an ice cream sandwich at Diddy Riese

What’s better than deliciously fresh-baked cookies and ice cream? The fact that it costs $2 and is only a fifteen minute walk off campus into Westwood. Enough said.


3. Participating in an Undie Run during Finals Week

With the stress of finals week three times a year, the Undie Run is a fun way to burn it off, along with those extra calories from all your late-night study sessions. Dressing down to your underwear and running across campus at night with thousands of other UCLA students is just the right amount of crazy we all need to feel exhilarated, refreshed, and ready to take on the rest of finals week.



4. Attending a movie premiere/red carpet event in Westwood

Living in Los Angeles has its perks. Westwood is known for hosting red carpet events and movie premieres multiple times a year with two historical theaters on Broxton Ave. Only a few minutes away, you can walk down and watch it take place, meeting some of the cast, sometimes even getting to go into the premiere if planned ahead of time. Hollywood meeting UCLA makes this a definite must for my UCLA bucket list. Check out this link to find which movies are being premiered and when!


5. Kayaking in the UCLA Marina del Rey Aquatic Center

As UCLA students, we have a lot of perks. Of those perks, by far one of the coolest is free two-hour kayaking in Marina del Rey. Since UCLA has an aquatic center in the area, we have the opportunity to kayak for free for two hours, as long as we have a valid Bruin Card ID. So don’t let this great opportunity pass and get outdoors!

6. Taking that obligatory cheesy photo in front of the Bruin Bear Statue

Okay, okay. I know this is cliche, but come on. Everybody does it. You just can’t not do it. The Bruin Bear Statue in Bruin Plaza is hands-down one of the most famous symbols of UCLA. Not taking a picture with it is like treason at this school. Just do it. Seriously.


7. Attending Spring Sing

Imagine being in the audience to one of the best talent shows ever. Can you picture it? No? Well then go to Spring Sing and you won’t have to imagine it. Spring Sing happens every spring quarter, showcasing so much musical talent at UCLA. With UCLA alum including members of Maroon Five and Sara Bareilles having performed in this time-honored Bruin tradition, go out and show support for some of the best talent on campus.

8. Tunneling in UCLA’s secret tunnel

If you didn’t know already, UCLA has a secret system of underground tunnels beneath the campus. Although technically we are not allowed in them, if you ask around for the location to the entrances and are sneaky and cautious about timing and safety, you can discover a different side of UCLA.


9. Stargazing in the planetarium

Yes, you read that correctly. UCLA does have a planetarium. Have you ever seen that half-dome-looking thing on top of the MS building? That’s the planetarium. If you go to the eighth floor of the MS building, you can see a show hosted by some astronomy graduate students. They do it every Wednesday (except holidays and during finals week) at 8 pm. So go and see some stars and learn a little astronomy while you’re there. I swear, it’s really cool and a really awesome date night venue.

10. Ice blocking down the hill by Janss Steps

After hours, grab a group of friends and something to slide on and hit the campus. If you climb to the top of the Janss Steps and then walk over to the grassy hillside, you and your friends can have a blast, sliding down in the dark. Be safe and make some memories. And what’s more memorable than sliding on your butt down a hill?

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11. Giving a tour of the campus to friends and/or family

Okay, so this isn’t the most fun thing to do on this list, but you’ll get to wow your audience with your beautiful campus and your knowledge of the school and personal anecdotes. Giving a personal tour to someone you’re close to demonstrates your Bruin pride and gives you an opportunity to share your world with someone you love, so why not? Plus, you’ll get a workout for your legs and some cardio in for the day. It’s a win-win.



12. Attending Bruin Bash

Free concert? I’m in. Every year during week zero of fall quarter, UCLA hosts Bruin Bash, which is basically a free concert in Pauley Pavilion. The CEC (Campus Events Commission) always manages to score an awesome lineup that will jumpstart the new school year. Can you think of a better way to begin a new year at UCLA? I can’t.

13. Picnicking in the Sculpture Garden

Who doesn’t love picnics and art? With such a serene setting in the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden in between the Broad Art Center and Bunche Hall, pack a lunch and grab a picnic blanket and some friends/ date and make enjoy a calm and relaxing picnic surrounded by beautiful art.


14. Checking out the view from the Broad Art Center

All I have to say is it’s breathtaking. Located on the north end of campus, if you go to the top of Broad, you’ll see an amazing view of Westwood and surrounding areas. It’s pretty indescribable so just go and see for yourself.

15. Taking one class not related to your major, minor, and/or for GE credit

At UCLA, it’s easy to stress and worry about not graduating on time and solely focusing on your program. Why not take a little break with a fun and entertaining class that is different from the rest of your schedule? Expand your horizons and explore a completely different and new subject that you’re interested in. You never know, you might learn a different perspective or skill and maybe even a new passion for something completely different than what you thought.

What are some other things you’ll regret not doing at UCLA? Share in the comments below!
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