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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At The University Of Michigan

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At The University Of Michigan

The top things you will absolutely regret not doing at The University of Michigan. The best things to do on campus to make memories you'll keep forever!

The most universal truth between all majors, all years, and all schools is this: college goes by way too quickly. I’m about to be a second-semester junior, and the fact that I have only three semesters before I morph from “student” to “alumna” is a little freaky. Here is a list of 15 things you’ll regret not doing at the University of Michigan.

1. Joining a club.

Whether the club is big or small, serious or “the Umich Squirrel Club”, there’s no downside to joining a club. You’ll make friends, gain great experiences, and maybe even secure a few recommendations from your club leaders.

2. Hitting up the gym.

The gym memberships are included in your tuition, so how could you not go? With three different campus gym locations, both early-bird and night-owl hours, and not watching your bank account balance sink each month, the rec centers are a freshman-15 saving grace.


3. Going to a non-football sporting event.

Yeah, we have a world-class football team, but we also have world-class-all-other-sports-teams. And admission is free with your MCard.

4. Getting to know your professors.

It’s easier to get more specific help, letters of recommendation, and connections for real-life jobs, when they actually know stuff about you.


5. Keeping in touch with your freshman-year dorm friends.

The ladies on my floor are incredible, and they really helped shape my freshman year for the better. When I run into them on campus, they’ll always brighten up my day, whether with stories of their happy lives or stories recalling the time I thought drinking half a box of Franzia was a good idea.

6. Talking to your advisors.

A simple trip to their office could spare you having to stay an extra semester to scoop off  an into-level course you forgot you put off since freshman year.



7. Having “Hippie Hash” at the Fleetwood Diner.

Preferably at 2 AM for the full effect.

8. Spending a summer in Ann Arbor.

The city has a whole different vibe in the summer, and it’s a lot quieter—except for when there are festivals going on. Take summer classes, find an internship or a job, or simply enjoy a different take on Ann Arbor.


9. Exploring Main Street—it’s not just for townies.

It’s a little pricier, a little further away, but totally worth checking out.

10. Tailgating for a noon game.

I don’t care what preconceived notions you have about football Saturdays. Getting up before you’d normally get up for class for the sole purpose of getting drunk is a rite of passage.

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11. Going to class.

Attendance grades can be a saving grace or an unpleasant surprise. Get out of bed, put on some pants, grab your iClicker, and go.

12. Getting a fishbowl at Charley’s.

They’re bigger than your head.


13. Getting letters of recommendation.

Your professors will be far more inclined to help you out if you aren’t one of the fifty kids hounding them for recommendations for grad school two weeks before graduation.


14. Exploring the Arb.

There’s a beautiful nature preserve, complete with a river, baby deer, and wildflowers, literally ten minutes away from the Diag.


15. 3 AM Pizza House.

Because feta bread’s tastiness piques during the wee hours.

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