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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At The University Of Arkansas

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At The University Of Arkansas

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At The University Of Arkansas
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Every university has its fair share of traditions, special buildings and unique quirks that distinguish them from other schools. As University of Arkansas students, it’s important to experience all of the perks that make our school undeniably the University of Arkansas. Here are 15 things you’ll regret not doing at the University of Arkansas before you graduate!

1. Getting involved!!!

This goes for any college ever! Getting involved whether it’s through a club or greek life or anything, makes you more connected to the university and makes you step out of your comfort zone.

2. Going to sporting events.

Too many people do not take advantage of the events that they have to offer! Your sports pass gets you in to all university home games and lets you experience the excitement and spirit that the hogs bring to every event!



3. Being adventurous.

Fayetteville offers so many opportunities for you to go camping/hiking/exploring and the rec center at the university makes it SO easy for you to access equipment to do so!



4. Living in a community style dorm.

The suite style dorms can be nice to look at but the openness and friendships you will make in the community dorms will completely make up for it. Whether it is co-ed or all girls, you are bound to meet people that will be in your life far beyond college.

5. Putting yourself out there.

Introducing yourself to anyone and EVERYone that you come in contact with!! This goes for any university, but college is the best time to start making connections and networking with everyone around you.



6. Taking advantage of the number of clubs here.

If dancing, advocating or research are your passions, then get involved! There are a number of clubs ranging from anything to everything (even one for every major pretty much).

7. Bringing your hammock with you!

Whether it’s fall or spring (and sometimes winter) it is a perfect time to hang up and hang out in the many parks located around the university.



8. Have a picnic on Old Main Lawn.

Or just grab a blanket and hang out!



9. Watching the sunset at Mount Sequoyah.

Or just at the top of a parking garage. There are endless views with endless ways to experience them.



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10. Taking up a workout class that comes with your tuition at the HYPR.

They have classes for free, and many different types, so why not enjoy them while you can!


11. Eating in the Brough dining hall.

While many might not agree, the Brough smell will surely be something every freshman will miss…maybe.



12. Venturing to every coffee shop within 10 minutes of campus.

Which is A LOT. Don’t miss out on swinging by Arsaga’s, Puritan, Onyx, and Mama Carmen’s to study or hang with friends!

13. Going to Walmart.

While this might seem unusual, many students do not frequent Walmart in their home cities, but with Walmart having their headquarters in Arkansas, you don’t have much of a choice!

14. Getting a parking pass in a garage.

Though the prices might be a turn off, you will very much regret not being able to walk two minutes to your car in 20 degree weather.


15. Studying at the Greek Theater.

In the right weather, this becomes some students favorite place to get away from the darkness of the dorm or the boringness of the library!

Are there any other things you’ll regret not doing at the University of Arkansas? Comment below!
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