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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Penn State University

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Penn State University

Here are things you absolutely need to do at Penn State University. Penn State is full of fun activities and a lot of them are ones you cannot pass up! PSU!

College is about expanding your horizons and experiencing new things. Here are 15 things you’ll 100 % regret not doing if you’re a student at PSU.

1. Going to a home football game.

Duh! Game days are lit af and everyone should get to experience them.

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2. Eating pokies.

Best drunk food in State College.

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3. Going to the Arboretum.

Go there to get some artsy pics and see some gorg scenery!


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4. Making it to the final 4 of THON.

Although you’ll be cranky and tired, the final four hours of THON are absolutely incredible.

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5. Having breakfast at the Waffle Shop down town.

Amazing hangover food for cheap!

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6. Touring Palmer Museum of Art.

Actually super interesting/ worth checking out!


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7. Getting a creamery milkshake.

Worth the approx. million calories, I promise.

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8. Going to one of the free concerts.

PSU knows their music, and if it’s free, why not!

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9. Studying.

As boring as it can be, in the end, you’re here for the academics.


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10. Tailgating.

The food is bomb, and it gives you somewhere to go/drink before the games.

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11. Living in East Halls.

It’s in the middle of no where and you get no AC, but the sense of community is hard to beat.

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12. Getting Involved.

There’s so many options for a wide range of interest, find one you like, and roll with it!

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13. Taking a Cheesy picture of/with Old Main.

If not for you, do it for grandma.


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14. Going to a Career Fair.

Although super stressful, the experience of going and showing face goes a long way.

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15. Making Life long friends.

SUPER cliché, but your college homies end up being your ride or dies!

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