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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Kent State University

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Kent State University

Every university has its fair share of traditions, special buildings and unique quirks that distinguish them from other schools. As Kent State students, it’s important to experience all of the perks that make our school undeniably Kent State. Here are 15 things you’ll regret not doing at Kent State University before you graduate! 

1. Not enjoying Welcome Weekend.

You’re only a freshman once, so it’s important to have some fun before classes start. Take advantage of the activities and events Welcome Weekend offers. The program starts on Thursday and ends Sunday. Throughout the week you can hop on the trolley and discover downtown, try your luck at Back to School Bingo, grab your swimsuit and head to the rec center for the dive in movie and show off your sick or incredibly lame dance skills at the laser light show, Sunday night on the Student Green.


2. Missing Black Squirrel Festival.

Black Squirrel Festival is similar to Blast Off but with less screaming freshmen. Black Squirrel Festival has been a tradition at Kent State for more than 30 years. The festival includes student organizations, local vendors, inflatables, music, food and plenty of free items and giveaways.


3. Not joining an organization.

Clubs and organizations are a great way to meet new people and have fun. Kent State has more than 350 registered student organizations, so it’s nearly impossible to not find one that suits you. If you still can’t find an organization you like, you can always create your own. To learn more about registering an organization visit the Center for Student Involvement.


4. Not studying abroad.

Are you Itching to leave Ohio? Do you want gain an edge in the career world or does sampling the best pasta in the world excite you? Pack your bags and travel to Kent State Florence. Students of the Florence program complete a full course load of credits for their major while immersing themselves in Italian life and culture. Kent State also has a campus in Geneva, Switzerland. To learn more about Kent State’s study abroad programs visit the Office of Global Education.


5. Not helping the Flashes defeat the Zips.

The Flashes and the University of Akron’s Zips have been rivals since the dawn of time. Throw on your Kent State apparel and cheer on the Flashes as they battle the Zips for the Wagon Wheel trophy.

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6. Not spending a night at the library.

The university library is open 24/7, and you probably found yourself on more than one occasion cramming for a test or writing a paper at the last minute.  Working on a group project? Grab your partners and head to the fifth floor. Do you have to cram for a final exam? Bring some snacks and camp out in a study room. By 5.a.m. you’ll (hopefully) be an expert in your subject.


7. Not painting the rock.

Painting the rock on front campus has been a long standing tradition and an outlet for student expression for more than 80 years. Greek organizations started painting the rock in the 1930s. Since then, the rock has become a message board for raising awareness on important issues, representing organizations and wishing good luck to the Flashes before a game.

 8. Not singing karaoke at Quaker.

Every Friday night from 7 to 10 p.m. students can enjoy some wings, earn flashperks, and if they’re brave enough, go on stage and sing their favorite songs. If you really want to show the audience a performance, there are props provided on stage, feather boas, inflatable guitars and neon sunglasses

9. Not touring the Fashion Museum.

Head to Rockwell Hall and see fashion from different decades such as the Flapper Exhibit. You can also discover styles from niche communities, Fashions of Southern Africa and (dis)ABLED beauty. Admission is free for students with their flashcards.


 10. Not sledding down a hill.

Relieve some stress before finals by grabbing your sled or a lunch tray from one of the dining halls. Some students chose to go down the hill outside of Taylor Hall. Just make sure to bundle up and be careful of any squirrels still lurking around.

11. Not watching those boys werk.

 Bring yourself and your girls out to the Mr. Flash pageant in the Ballroom and watch male students compete to win money for their campus organization. The pageant consists of five rounds, formal wear, celebrity impersonation, talent, swimwear and a Q&A round.

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12. Not sipping coffee at Scribbles.

Scribbles Coffee Co is a colorful mom and pop coffee shop located downtown on North Water Street. The coffee shop uses organic and free trade coffee. It also supports local musicians and host poetry readings.

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13. Not eating a Boar’s Head sandwich.

Hands down, Boar’s Head beats Subway and Jimmy Johns. You can enjoy a sandwich at Kent Market II and Eastway Market & Deli. Plus, you can purchase Boar’s Head items from the markets on campus, so you can make the perfect sandwich back home.



14. Not taking a selfie with President Warren.

President Beverly Warren is like Waldo from Where’s Waldo? She’s frequently on campus but is hard to spot in the crowds of thousand of students. But if you ever manage to find her, take a selfie and post it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+. Also, don’t forget to save the photo on all your mobile devices and hard drives and send copies to everyone in your family, including your dogs.


15. Not partying on Halloween.

No school does Halloween like Kent State. Downtown becomes flooded with local residents and college students dressed in an array of costumes. Whether you plan on celebrating or people watching, going downtown for Halloween is a right of passage for every Kent State student.

Can you think of things you’ll regret not doing at Kent State University? Leave a comment!
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