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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


If you are a California State Polytechnic University Pomona student, these are the top 15 things that are a must do on campus before you graduate. These experiences will make your college journey more meaningful and memorable.

1. Getting involved on campus.

Cal Poly Pomona offers hundreds of opportunities to get involved in the campus community such as: numerous fraternities/sororities, an array of different clubs, student-wide organizations, Associated Student Incorporations which provide many leadership roles in various committees, intramural sports and many more. Getting involved on campus is a great way to meet people, share ideas and be in a warm environment around like-minded students.



2. Visiting the Cultural Centers.

In the Office of Student Life Cultural Centers, there are 7 cultural centers spread out across the campus. These Cultural Centers are the African American Student Center, Asian and Pacific Islander Cultural Center, Cesar E. Chavez for Higher Education, Native American Student Center, Pride Center, Women’s Resource Center, and Greek Life. These Cultural Centers help the students attain success through interaction, innovation, and friendship. Go visit the cultural centers and explore the strong diversity that this school is known for.

3. Meeting Billy Bronco

If you didn’t know, Billy Bronco is Cal Poly Pomona’s animated and joyous mascot that makes everyone smile when they come across his cuteness and hug-ability. Meeting Billy Bronco will make you feel at home, so make sure when you see him, wave to him or give him a big, giant hug.

4. Einstein’s Bagels

One of the most popular places to eat on campus, Einstein’s Bros. Bagels provides the tastiest Bagels in the entire universe. No, the bagels are not E=mc^2 flavored, but they are filled with delicious and smooth flavors that are indescribable. People, this isn’t math or science, these bagels are the real deal. The next time you are about to grab a dry granola bar, STOP, and head over to Einstein’s to start your day with a bagel instead.


5. BroncoFusion Week

BroncoFusion is one of the biggest events that begins the school year. There are two parts of the event in three days. The first part takes place Wednesday and Thursday where all new first-year and transfer students interact with many information booths that answer many questions to the new students. The last part of the event is for all students, specifically hyping them for the beginning of the school year with the famous BroncoFusion Concert. This year, Carnage was a special guest which jammed throughout the Bronco Commons. The music really excited the students. Going to this event will help ease your way into the school and start the fall quarter with excitement and FUN.


6. Attending sporting events.

What better way to show your school pride and spirit than going to the different Sporting Events throughout the year? There are many sports teams on campus to support and cheer on. What a great place to meet people and yell your lungs out.


7. Midnight Madness!

Midnight Madness is the most fun and eventful experience occurring every quarter. When students are stressed or drained from high amounts of coffee and no sleep cramming for finals, this will keep you busy from those terrible thoughts. Who wouldn’t want to be somewhere where there wasn’t unlimited activities, food, and music. Why is it called Midnight Madness, because it lasts until midnight with nonstop partying and enthusiasm? This year’s Midnight Madness theme was based off the board game of Candy Land! The best part for me was the cotton candy. Now that is something you don’t want to miss.


8. Going to the Japanese Garden.

The Japanese Garden is one of the most relaxing places on campus. When you pass the Japanese Garden, you cannot help but feel the serenity and beauty that surrounds the garden. Make sure to sit down at the bench, and watch the antics of the coy fish as they dance in the water. The tranquility of the garden will transcend your thoughts into a world of peace.

9. Not studying for finals.

This is something that most students will regret if they don’t do- Study For Finals. Without studying for finals, students will get the first letter of fantastic, but it is not a fantastic grade. So, make sure you buckle down and study for those finals.


10. Check out the Campus Theatre.

The Campus Theatre at Cal Poly Pomona displays the events and plays of our talented students. The students do a fantastic job portraying the story and characters. The students highlight their skills by the variety of performances they are involved in.



11. Hanging out at the BRIC.

The BRIC, or the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex is the place to hang out or to work out. You can go there to grab a fresh smoothie, sweat like crazy, or do you dare climb the really high rock wall? You don’t need experience and will be a rock climbing expert in no time.

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12. Looking at the animals!

One of the things that makes Cal Poly Pomona special are the animals taken care of by the campus. As you walk or drive by, take a moment to see their magnificence and the simple beauty they possess.

13. Checking out the Rose Garden.

The Rose Garden is yet another beautiful site at Cal Poly Pomona. There are a variety of roses and when you stroll by, you cannot help but take in the soothing smell and vibrancy they produce. But whatever you do, “do not pick a rose,” even if it is Valentine’s Day.



14. Developing a relationship with your professors.

Your professors are there to guide and teach you about values in your college journey. Get close with them. Those office hours aren’t there for nothing. And who knows, you may need a letter of recommendation one day.


15. Appreciating Cal Poly Pomona.

This may sound generic but it is absolutely true; make the best of where you are. Cal Poly Pomona offers many great opportunities that every student can benefit from. It provides an environment of genuine warmth, incredible faculty, and a feeling of togetherness. So, the next time you are at school, make sure you smile at the sunlight and wave to your fellow peers.


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