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6 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Eagle Hall At UW-L

6 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Eagle Hall At UW-L

Living in a dorm is an essential part of the college experience. Every residence hall comes with its own quirks that make for a memorable time! At UW-L, I am so happy that I had the opportunity to live in Eagle Hall. Keep reading for 6 things you’ll only understand if you live in Eagle Hall at UW-L!

1. Eagle Hall is the perfect distance from everything on campus.

With only a half-minute walk to the dining hall and student gym, Eagle Hall at UW-L is perfectly placed on campus. We’re just far enough away from the classrooms that we are away from the hustle and bustle everything and we don’t have to worry about clusters of students walking around and through our building all the time.

2. We have, arguably, two of the best Hall Directors at UW-L.

We have been blessed with Colin and Sam as our Hall Directors. They are trustworthy, funny, relatable, and understanding. If you have a problem with something or someone, they’ll help you fix it in no time with no hassle at all. Also, they both have dogs that you can pet and play with!



3. Eagle Grey and Eagle Maroon both believe they are the best half.

There is an unspoken rivalry between Eagle Grey and Eagle Maroon because even though both sides are equally great, each side believes they are the best. Eagle Grey has social justice floors that cater to a wide variety of interests like International Village and Social Justice. Eagle Maroon, on the other hand, has floors specifically for freshman and how to make their first year the best it can possibly be. All in all, it doesn’t matter what side you’re on because they’re equally fantastic and they’re both part of the best building on campus.

4. You’re evacuated almost weekly because someone burnt something. (And it’ll happen at least once while you’re in the shower.)

In just one year, I lost count of the amount of times we had to evacuate the whole building because someone forgot a pizza in the oven or accidently set the microwave on fire (we never did find out how that happened). There were also countless people outside in bathrobes or towels because they were caught in the shower when the alarm went off. As a rule, no one really showered after 8pm because no one wanted to be outside without clothes, especially in winter.


Don't you hate it when someone burns something in Eagle Hall at UW-L?

5. You don’t have to share a bathroom with a million other people!

Instead of having to share our bathroom with the whole floor, we just had to share with the room next door. It may have been messy because you could leave stuff in there, it is your bathroom after all, but I would give anything to only have to share a bathroom with our suite. You didn’t have to worry about toilets or showers being out of order and having to figure out how 60-some people were going to use three showers. The only thing you had to worry about was who’s hair was stuck in the drain, when they were going to clean it up, and whether or not you guys divided up counter space equally. As a plus, our bathrooms are cleaned bi-weekly by the awesome housekeeping staff.

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6. Eagle Hall is the newest and nicest dorm on campus.

Part of this has to do with the fact that it’s also the newest dorm on campus. The other part of this comes from how open the living spaces are, how nice the laundry room is, how well kept the building is, and the overall feel of the building. Everything is very well-maintained in Eagle Hall at UW-L and if anything happens to break, it’s fixed right away. Because it’s one of the newest buildings on campus, it’s also one of the most beautiful buildings UW-L has.

What is your favorite thing about living in Eagle Hall at UW-L? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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