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10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Donovan At SJU

10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Donovan At SJU

Living in a dorm is an essential part of the college experience. Every residence hall has its own quirks at SJU. Donovan Hall holds a special place in every Donovan resident’s heart that includes all of its pros and cons. Here are 10 things that you’ll only understand if you live in Donovan at SJU!

1. Friends from other buildings almost always forgetting to sign out.

There’s no gate you have to walk out from exiting the building like in all of the other dorm buildings so friends can be forgetful, especially in the beginning of the year or after a longer break. The last thing you want is a violation from someone you invited in forgetting to sign out.

2. The very unreliable elevators.

There are two elevators in Donovan at SJU but you are basically guaranteed that there is always something wrong with at least one. Walking up six flights of stairs is not fun.



3. The slow water filter stations.

Some days the water filters are speedy fast, but the next day, or even a few hours later, they can be painfully slow and become the reason you’re late to class.

4. The fear of encountering the Resident Director.

Even if you are the angel of Donovan at SJU, you will be terrified by her presence, even though she’s actually pretty nice and chill.


5. 6th floor skyline views.

There are a few lucky rooms on the 6th floor that get a really nice and clear view of the Midtown Manhattan skyline, so one can only hope they’re placed in one of those rooms.

6. Softball’s best seat in the house.

If you want to keep up with the softball team, but don’t feel like leaving the building the 6th or 5th floor lounges have got you covered.


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7. The literal longest trek in the winter.

The walk from Marillac to Donovan between the months of January and March can feel like a journey through the Alps, and this is not an exaggeration.

8. Hearing someone’s attempt to throw a party in a Donovan dorm.

A party in Donovan is like asking your professor to just fail you, Public Safety’s arrival to shut it down is inevitable.


9. People making fun of Donovan.

Donovan is not set up suite style like Hollis, DaSilva, Century, O’Connor and Carey, but at least we’re not St. Vinny’s, am I right?

10. The traditional, tiny dorm room.

Sure Donovan’s rooms are fairly tiny, but it is in these tiny rooms we create amazing freshman year memories that those suite styled rooms just can’t compare to. If you’re living in Donovan Hall for your freshman year at SJU, you’ve got a great little room to look forward to.

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