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17 Things You’ll Only Learn At An All-Girls School

17 Things You’ll Only Learn At An All-Girls School

These things you learn at an all-girls school are so true. Find out these high school life lessons that will resonate with you.

Admitting you went to an all-girls school either comes with shock, confusion, mockery or more common, lesbian speculation. The experience is unlike any other and you will definitely value the time you spent gossiping and online shopping during classes (maybe getting a good education too). But, it’s all fun and games until your ex-boyfriend’s picture is on the man wall, or worse. There’s just some things you’ll ONLY learn at an all-girls’ school. Here are things you learn at an all-girls school.

1 How to make a kilt look as cute as possible.

Wearing a uniform almost every day of high school was definitely a blessing in disguise. However, when your uniform skirt is designed to go past an 8-foot woman’s knees, it can be hard to ‘show off’. By attending an all-girls’ school, you’re probably the master of rolling up an unflattering skirt. (Unless you were one of the lucky ones whose parents took them to get their skirt hemmed to their desired length).

2.  The bathroom ‘man wall’ is the closest you’ll get to a cute during the school day.

The ‘man wall’ is not only liberating but also a daily reminder that the opposite sex DOES still exist.  From A-List celebrities and boybands to the most elite at the all-boys prep schools, the ‘man wall’ is your Monday through Friday reminder to grind during the week and glow up on the weekends.


3. Lunch Room talk is 1000% more interesting than locker room talk.

The lunch room is home base. The minute you and your squad are all seated at the table, the tea doesn’t only spill, it overflows, it pours; basically, you drown in it. Some days you may not even touch your lunch because there is so much being shared and to be shared. So, if you aren’t falling over laughing, crying, or jaw-dropping to hell, it’s been a slow day.

mean girls lunch pic

4. There will ALWAYS be someone to suggest watching ‘Mean Girls’ on movie day.

Mean Girls is extremely relatable. At an all-girls school it’s a bit harder to relate to the boys in the lunchroom or classes but the squad drama is where it will hit home. We can all learn a lesson or two from “Mean Girls”, so if a classmate doesn’t suggest it, your teacher probably will. You know you learn at an all-girls school – you can’t deny it.


5. Rumors don’t spread like wildfire, they ARE the wildfire.

As expected, drama is the H2 and O at an all-girls school. In a setting like this, it’s not about who you tell, it’s about the people who hear you saying it. As a listener, you have the most important job, is the drama juicy enough to share or shocking enough to keep to yourself.

6. No Shave, No Shame

No shave November is NOT only ‘FTB’!! Winter is coming… and that means knee high socks… Which means leg hair can be our “always”.



7. What You did on the weekend, ALWAYS deserves an audience.

This is the gossip worth sharing. If a girl has had a wild weekend EVERYONE should know. If you want to throw shade or worship her is all up to you.


8. Non-Uniform Days are the true test to see who is ‘bad and boujee

Non-Uniform days mean you can show off best clothes in your closet. These days take days, even weeks of planning and decision making. Your goal is either comfort or bad and bougie. (Always go for bad and bougie, a photo op is always waiting to happen). You know this is something you learn at an all-girls school.


9. Your makeup will most likely last 5+ months

Makeup is as foreign as seeing a boy roam the halls. 90% of the school rolled out of bed and threw on their uniform because there is no one to impress (not even the cute gym teacher). Makeup is basically a weekend event, maybe picture day??? Maybe the Christmas concert???


10. Multitasking is EVERYONE’S middle name

Whether you have your phone behind your laptop, iMessage open on your screen, or simply watching Netflix, both ears are open. The teacher can never catch you slipping up; if they call on you to answer a question, quickly text sally to give you the answer. This is one of the many lessons you learn at an all-girls school.



11. The Nurse’s Office and Chill

The school nurse is basically the fairy godmother. Fake a cough and she’ll give you cough-drops and tea. Sip the tea slowly so suddenly you are 20 minutes late to 7th period. Not feeling P.E class one day, tear up and scream about cramps. Suddenly, you’ll be in the lounge chair with a blanket, heating pad on your stomach texting whoever you want.

12. Oversharing is NOT in your vocabulary.

Going to an all-girls school makes you extremely comfortable with your surroundings. When sharing a story, no ounce of detail is left out, all feelings are spewed regardless of who’s listening. However, this may be hard when you make the transition into college and you start socializing with boys again…. Period talk is CANCELLED, leave it at home.

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13.  Prom Season is cut throat

Prom season is stressful for any girl but even more so when you have to find a boy to take who obviously doesn’t go to your school. Finding a date to prom at an all-girls school is harder than being a broke college student. Both very tragic situations you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy.  If worst comes to worst take yourself, that’s the best date you’ll find. If you went to an all girls school, this is quickly something you learn at an all-girls school.



14.Boys are just additives.

Being at an all-girls school, you’ll learn quickly that your girls are all you need. You DON’T need a boy to complete you. Your girlfriends are the real lemons for your lemonade…. boys?? They’re the quick and easy crystal light packets.

15. There is no such thing as ‘eating like a girl’.

If you aren’t too busy laughing and chatting it up with friends, you’re probably downing all the food on your plate and maybe even making a second trip to buy cookies! Scarfing down your food means… more time to gossip of course!



16. It’s Easier to focus on academics.

Distractions are rare. You aren’t focused on what the cute boy next to you is doing or if he’s staring at someone else when you want him to be staring at you. The classroom is a haven, you are surrounded by empowered women who are there for the same reason you are. To learn (or party?? Or make more girl friends??).

17.You Can’t Be Anyone but Yourself

In a setting where you’re ONLY surrounded by girls, every personality is taken. It is important to be yourself and not be afraid of BEING yourself. You can only do high school once, you don’t want to spoil it by pretending to be someone you aren’t. By being yourself, you’ll form real and genuine friendships that will last a lifetime.



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