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10 Things You’ll Never Hear A Student Say At Texas Christian University

10 Things You’ll Never Hear A Student Say At Texas Christian University

While there are plenty of things you will hear on campus, we've put together a list of things you'll never hear at Texas Christian University.

Texas Christian University, home of the Horned Frogs, is an incredible place to call home, but there are of course some things you could never hear one of its student’s uttering on campus. Keep reading for things you’ll never hear at Texas Christian University.

1. “Wow! I wish I went to Baylor!”

Baylor University is TCU’s biggest rivalry, and all students hate that school with a burning passion. For one, our football program is better for a multitude of reasons, but a more recent one would be evident in our game score in November 2016: 62-22!! I wouldn’t be surprised if some kids here would rather drink bleach than attend Baylor. Not to mention, their football stadium is known as “The Toilet Bowl.” Sucks to BU!

2. “I love the parking here. Can anyone say “cheap?”

Along with paying for parking, good luck finding a spot. I have had to go to multiple parking lots, further and further away from convenience, just to find a place to park. Make sure you’re ready to get creative and competitive with your parking; don’t be surprised when you see students have made their own.


3. “BLUU food never gets old.”

Don’t get me wrong, the food in the BLUU is much better than some other colleges’, but a common phrase you hear people saying is that they’re tired of it. It gets old. (Except for the stir fry.)

4. “Sid Rich is my favorite building!”

It is like a maze in there, and most people I know always manage to get lost in there. Leave early or good luck getting to class on time!

5. “Getting up for 8 a.m. classes is a breeze.”

Nope. I can assure you, it’s not. Especially since most dorms are on the opposite side of campus, and you have to get up earlier to make sure you get there on time.

Here’s a real, live clip of a TCU student trying to make it to class in the morning.

6. “I love how much construction there is. There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of a tractor backing up or going to sleep to the sound of a train horn!”

I feel like there’s always construction going on. It has woken up so many students just trying to get some shut eye. Also, the train horn that goes every night is so calming when you’re about to fall asleep.


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7. “I really enjoy crossing University to get to the academic side of campus. It’s quick and easy!”

I think a lot of TCU kids have almost been hit by a car maybe 3 times each trying to get to class. We unfortunately tend to jaywalk. (The stoplight takes forever otherwise.) TBH thank you to the cars that put up with us. Our bad.

8. “Does school spirit even exist at this school?”

The answer to this question is YES. Yes, it does have school spirit. Probably more than most. We have a fantastic set of sports teams, and some are ranked as best in the nation. When people pose for pictures, you’ll always see them doing the sign for the horned frogs with their hands. Also, there’s purple everywhere. Shoutout to SuperFrog for being the greatest mascot around!

9. “The whole large t-shirt and short shorts isn’t a thing here.”

This is the wardrobe for the majority of women on campus. Stock up on those shirts two sizes too large and Nike shorts! It’s comfortable AF. You won’t be disappointed.

10. “This campus is pretty ugly.”

It’s quite the opposite. It is a sight to see everyday, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Tip: go to Frog Fountain at sunset, you won’t be disappointed.

Go Frogs!

Are there any other things you’ll never hear at Texas Christian University? Comment below.
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