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10 Things You’ll Never Hear A Student Say At Southern Methodist University

10 Things You’ll Never Hear A Student Say At Southern Methodist University

There’s a lot of talk around the Southern Methodist University campus, whether it’s between friends or you just hear it walking from class to class. But there’s some things you may never hear a student say at Southern Methodist University, such as:

1. “Wow this is so cheap!”

We all know the life of a college student is expensive, but especially in a city like Dallas.


2. “I don’t have FOMO.”

There’s always something going on and sometimes you have to make that tough decision between Avenu and studying for your exam. We’ve all been there.



3. “I’m not sick of dining hall food.”

We all know the same thing everyday gets hard to deal with pretty fast. While Umph and Arnold has food that checks the box for something quick, but everyday can sometimes be an overload.

4. “I’m totally ready for this exam.”

We all know the feeling of studying what seems like hours only to feel as lost as you were when you started.

5. “I’m going to the football game.”

That’s standard naptime.


6. “I understand why the professor gave me a 70 but didn’t mark anything wrong. It makes total sense.”

Professors can be a little arbitrary for reasons we don’t understand, but often times going to talk to them about it makes it worse. You learn to cope.


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7. “I’m not going out this week.”

At a school like SMU, the students feel pressure to go out definitely more than the average school. That being said, it’s hard to scrape by without going out at least once a week.


8. “Giddy Up is really reliable.”

They’ll either pick you up in 30 seconds or never. Don’t take your chance if you’re trying to save time.

9. “I’d rather finish my homework now than do it tomorrow morning.”

There’s a certain point where you just need to stop while you’re ahead. You can catch up tomorrow.

10. “I’m going to Dedman today.”

Whether you live in the old dorms or new, it’s a feat if you can convince yourself to workout.


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