15 Things You’ll Miss As An Ohio State University Alumni

When I made the choice to study abroad for my sophomore spring semester I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be a time of self-discovery, crazy adventures and so far it has been. But all of my planning for this trip could not have prepared me for how much I miss Ohio State. Here are all of the things you will miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

1. Scarlet and Gray Apparel

The fact that it’s not acceptable to wear a hoodie or t-shirt to class with something about OSU on it is really killing me. This has wiped out half of my clothing and I could not be more upset about the fact.What you'll miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

2. Buckeye Donuts

This place is my own personal heaven because who doesn’t like donuts at all hours of the night. As an Ohio State University Alumni, you’ll definitely miss Buckeye’s. What you'll miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

3. Football

Football season is the best season there is and those 7/8 Saturdays I spend in the Shoe every season I will treasure. Also, who doesn’t love to do a stadium Ohio.What you'll miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

4. Thompsons 12th Floor

For those looking for a nice quiet spot to study during the semester, this is definitely the spot. It also has an amazing view of the campus for when you want a study break.

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5. Brutus

Other people might make fun of OSU for having a mascot that’s a nut but they are just jealous. Brutus is basically the only reason I keep going some days.What you'll miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

6. Cane’s

Their sweet tea might be the greatest thing in my lifeWhat you'll miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

7. School spirit

Coming from a high school where people could not care about sports or their school I love the amount of pride people have for OSU. You will have connections that extend into your professional and social life after college.

What you'll miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

8. The dogs on the Oval

When I’m walking back from a long day of classes and I see the dogs running around on the Oval I am reminded petting dogs is more important than my economics homework.What you'll miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

9. Late nights at the SEL

While it is open 24 hours which is great for my studies it is not so great for my health

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10. Sloopys Milkshakes

They can make even the worst day seem a little better and are a great way to put off doing homework. Also, let’s not forget that its the best way to put on the freshman 15.

11. All the thrift stores around campus

Being so close to campus these stores are a must for anybody trying to look cute and stay on budget. They are hit and miss but when you get a deal, it’s pretty amazing. What you'll miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

12. KComm

Sometimes I swear its like going to McDonald’s because the food is ok and the ice cream is always broken. Also if you are on South Campus and want breakfast on the weekends this is a great place to go before you hit up Block.

13. UDF

No matter what time of the night, it is a great place to go and get snacks. Also, you can meet some really interesting people there late on Saturday nights.

14. Bibibop

This is my go-to spot for a good, cheapish meal when campus food gets a little much. I will forever love Bibibop and their rice bowls are amazing (sorry Chipotle).

15. Script Ohio

This is an amazing tradition put on by the Best Damn Band in the Land every Saturday during the season during the Shoe. This is something you need to see at least once during your time at OSU, it’s put on before the team gets on the field so you will need to get there a little early for once. What you'll miss as an Ohio State University alumni!

Do you miss these things as an Ohio State University alumni? Let us know in the comment section below!

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