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15 Things You’ll Miss About The University Of Tennessee Knoxville

15 Things You’ll Miss About The University Of Tennessee Knoxville

With the end of the semester comes another graduation and saying goodbye to some of our fellow Vols. As such, we should all take a moment to think on the things we will miss (and already do) when we graduate on to become a Vol for Life. Keep reading for 15 things you’ll miss about the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

1. The Orange

Let’s be honest. Orange is a generally hideous color. However, the Tennessee hue of orange has a certain endearing quality. The only thing better than one person wearing it is the entire campus sporting the color on Big Orange Friday.


2. Football Season

We certainly don’t have any bandwagon fans here. Vols are die-hard fans for life. Even if our team can’t quite outperform the opponent, there is nothing like the feeling of a full Neyland Stadium on a Saturday.

3. Ayers Hall

Ayers serves in many ways as the heartbeat of the volunteer spirit. From its roof serving as the origin of our beloved checkerboard to the clock tower, Ayers never fails to make you feel like you are attending a historic university in the hills of England. Highly sophisticated, am I right?


4. The Rock

The Rock has always served as a form of student expression. Painting the rock is a rite of passage. Recently, the rock has been home to astounding student artwork that everyone wants a peak at.

5. The Volunteer Spirit

There is a reason we are called the Volunteers. Students and professors alike are always willing to lend a helping hand to each other and to the entire East Tennessee community.



6. Presidential Courtyard

Living in Pres Court is a must during your freshman year. Everyone is already sad that Pres Court is coming to an end with the construction of the newer (nicer) dorms. It’s not because we are bitter though…


7. Avoiding the Seal

There is nothing more satisfying than watching everyone funnel around the seal during a busy class change. It’s a bittersweet moment when you are finally allowed to step on the seal after graduation.


8. The Mismatched Architecture

Okay so maybe nothing matches and you can distinctly tell what decade each building was built in, but it’s not so bad. No matter what type of architecture you prefer there’s a building for you!

9. A Startling Whirlwind of Opportunity

The modern art statue inconveniently placed directly in the middle of Ped Walkway. I bet you didn’t know what it was called. Well, it’s the Whirlwind of Opportunity coming to blow you away with its odd shape and generally confusing location.


10. Pedestrian Walkway

Ped Walkway can be a pain with all of the solicitors and protesters, but it can also be a gem full of free food, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and other free things that we as college students love to receive.

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11. Einstein’s

Nothing is better than heading to Haslam between classes to grab a bagel or a cup of coffee. Regardless of whether or not you are a business student, Einstein’s makes Haslam appeal to everyone.


12. Smokey/The Volunteers/Davy Crockett

Seriously, what even is our mascot. As “the volunteers” we have had to get a little creative, so we made three! We love them all so much we just couldn’t pick one.

13. The Hill

While you are a student, the hill is a dreaded trek that could probably be prepared to climbing Mount Everest. However, once you are gone, the hill is one of the most distinctive parts of campus and something you will remember with both dread and happiness for the rest of your years.


14. 1998

The golden year. 1998 was an iconic year for UT as Peyton Manning lead our Vols to victory in the National Championship. So iconic, in fact, that campus still feels like ’98.


15. Everything!

Once you’ve gone to UTK, you really never leave. Everything about UT shapes you and follows you wherever you go. You’ve become a Vol for life.

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