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22 Things You Will Regret Doing In College

22 Things You Will Regret Doing In College


What you want exists. Don’t settle until you get it. College students all around the world are struggling academically, financially or socially. But each one has a story different from the last’s. Only the strong will survive. No one can give you a pep talk better than yourself. Get up and get moving. You can do it as long as you have faith in yourself as others have in you. Each student has a light to shine. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Take this list into consideration during your journey. Here are 22 things you will regret doing in college; think of it as a road map to avoid those pitfalls that will set you back from achieving your goals! 

1. Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed

Not asking for help isn’t an option. Everyone at your institution is a student or has been one before. Whether you think so or not they understand your depression, anxiety and senior-itis. Grab someone, anyone, to spill your issues to and ask for help. There is no reason you should struggle alone in a place where everyone is experiencing the same exact problems.


2. Caring About How You Look

This isn’t a fashion show nor the first day of your career field. You are not obligated to carry yourself a certain way. You don’t even have to comb your hair.  Who’s going to tell you otherwise? Besides you won’t even be able to tell the students apart from athletes.


3. Crying Broke

Duh! You are a college student everyone around you is broke so stop your whining and learn how to make being broke look good. Take advantage of sites like Pinterest to do it all yourself (DIY). You’ll be surprised about what can truly live without once you go without it long enough.



4. Speed Reading

Some say this could be a good or bad thing. However, if you haven’t grown over the years to gain this trait then it’s obvious you’re going to forget everything at the end of the pop quiz. If you do things right the very first time you’ll never have to backtrack.



5. Partying like a Rockstar

In case you still haven’t figured this one for yourself. Entertainment comes around all year long and depending on where you attend school, some cities never sleep. So spending your last on the ump-tenth party of the semester is a bad idea. Think smarter not harder. There’s still life after college.

6. Not Getting the Bang for My Buck

You can indeed leave your college with more than one piece of paper. Double majoring is a thing. Minoring is an easier thing. And certifications are cheap. Also, did you know colleges also hire their students after graduation especially as recruiters?



7. I Thought I Couldn’t Start Working Until After College

Working for free sounds like the worse thing in the world but imagine getting your dream job straight out of college. Volunteering, freelance, and research is work experience whether you want to accept it or not. Doing so will save you entry-level headaches.



8. Dating the First Person I Liked

You know that saying about there’s plenty fish in the sea? Well it’s true. He’s across campus or maybe at the next football game. Unlike in high school where someone might not hit on you until two years later, in college there’s always new faces. So don’t fall head over heels for the first sweet talker that approaches you.



9. Not Staying Up to Date with World News

Everything you need is available on campus however it’s important to know what’s going on in the world outside of campus. Watch and read the local and world news. You are an adult now.



10. Not Paying Attention to Your Body

Many think the freshmen 15 is a joke. We are here to tell you it’s not. And it will creep up on you like the grim reaper. Now it’s winter break and you can’t fit into your highschool paraphernalia anymore.



11. Not Starting Slow and Steady…

College isn’t for everyone. Start slow and steady if you aren’t sure. Community colleges and certification programs are a great way to start off. The structure of school will never change but your motivation and encouragement will increase and decrease. So just keep swimming!



12. If you signed that Loan, finish that program!

Furthering your education is very expensive so do not take it for granted.  Whether you finish or not you will owe what you borrowed. Student loans will find you, so don’t leave broker than you started without your end of the deal.



13. Whining

Quit your crying! You literally just whined to everyone you know about writing a paper that took the whole semester. BUT YOU WROTE IT. Whining only decreases your drive to get it done. Sometimes you just have to be silent and watch yourself become a bookworm.



14. Not Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Everyone always has a regret about not being involved. So here’s a word of advice, if it excites you just do it. You can always withdraw from anything using the excuse “this turned out to be more than what I signed up for”. You’ll never know what you like until you give it a chance.


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15. Procrastinating Will Get You in More Trouble Than Your Crazy EX

Did you know your everyday procrastination behavior has levels? It’s called the Procrastinator-O-Meter. Leave nothing for tomorrow that indeed can be done today. Most students waste time stressing over a task that eventually still gets completed. You are stronger than any temptation of procrastination. Prioritize your priorities. 


16. Not Using a Planner Sooner

Are you going to remain a clutterbug forever? Just organize your life for once! Grab a planner, wall calendar or a sticky note to schedule your daily plans. Most college students do everything twice because there’s just so much on the brain. Planners give you a chance to stay organize never missing a beat.



17. Volunteering isn’t Just at the Soup Kitchen

You’ll be surprised at how many volunteer opportunities that are out there in your field of interest. gives you a chance to immediately get involved. Even if you decide not to be involved on campus take a chance to find your place in your new community. Bringing good people and causes together. Making a difference in the world around you while building up your resume and connections.



18. Small Town Mentality

Bringing your high school mentality to your new environment is a bad idea. Remember college is a chance for you to make your last mistakes before entering the real world. Take the advantage of becoming the new you the world’s been looking for. You should be different every time you visit home. You are growing into the very best representation of yourself.


19. Loners Get Lonely

Don’t let them tell you any different. We all get lonely but there’s a time and place to break away from all the chaos. The social life isn’t for everyone however we all need a strong support system.  



20. Oblivious loan signing

Checking the box before you read contracts has to stop today. It’s important for you to know the interest levels of the amount of money you are borrowing to further your education. As a student it’s easy to forget. So here’s a suggestion, after loan signing create an obvious space on the wall in your room to remind you why you must not waste time. Your future bank account depends on it.



21. Using the microwave instead of the stove.

You’ve  never cooked before and now your college boyfriend just proposed after graduation. Yikes! You are an adult who gets to decide to eat cookies or cake for dinner. Although that might sound like a great idea today, there’s more to life after college.



22. Choosing a useless major.

Do your research! Talk to individuals who are already in fields of your interest. Be prepared. Majoring “Undecided” for the first year is absolutely okay. Always be a student first by asking questions. Remember no question is a stupid one when regarding your future.

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