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8 Things You Will Only See At The 9-0 Bar On A Saturday Night

So the party on Menlo fell through, and you’ve had enough of the Row for one weekend. Where do you go? As if that’s even a question! The 901 bar, or rather, the “9-0” on Fig, duh! It’s safe to say that as a USC student, you consider the 9-0 to be the best college bar in the nation, though you can’t deny that both your best and worst of college memories were made in the dark, crowded dive. It’s a love-hate kinda relationship, but either way, something about its unique, shabby charm lands you here again, with the rest of the student body this Saturday. Keep reading for eight things you will only see at the 9-0 bar on a Saturday Night.


1. Everyone and their mom forming a line around the corner.

Let’s just be honest–the dark, outdated, “only bar near campus” doesn’t necessarily emit Saturday night vibes, let alone justify the 20-minute line to get in! Yet, just about everyone, from that loud frat guy to that hipster kid in your environmental studies class is lined up around the corner like it’s the release of the I-Phone 8.


2. Big Sean!!

Known by everyone, loved by everyone, he IS the 9-0. As the unofficial spokes’ man of the 901 bar, Big Sean will be the only man wearing a face of serenity amidst the dangerously drunk college kids, whom on Saturdays especially, throw all cares of personal dignity to the wind. Stay cool Big Sean.



3. A sea of blue-tongued adults.

The 9-0 on a Saturday night might just bring flashbacks to being ten years old when different color tongues (a result of eating a pack of gushers or fruit-by-the-foot) was “cool.” Who would have known that ten years down the line, you’d be amidst grown adults shamelessly rockin’ blue tongues, as a result of a psychedelic’s blue drink concoction, the AMF, you’ll only find at the 9-0.

4. Your reserved friend letting loose.

Why only at the 9-0? Because not just any bar has the ability to bring out the crazy from your “non-partier” friend. But throw together an over crowded, outdated space, lackluster music, and whatever the hell is in those AMFs and Mr. Reserved is ready to part-aaaay!

5. …Annnnd your reserved friend almost getting alcohol poisoning.

Damn those AMFs!! You can’t imagine what they put in those things to lead to this kind of unlikely event! But to be fair, its now 1:30 am and your friend is just one of the other 50 people on the verge of an ambulance ride, surrounded by a collection of shot glasses and blue drinks.

6. Italian waffle fries at every table.

…and by every table, I mean every table. Somehow the 9-0 gets even the most health-conscious of girls to order a basket or two of those unsettlingly greasy fries. And you best believe they added the chili and cheese for $3 extra…

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7. Fighting for a drink.

You’d think that walkin’ into a bar would equate to easily getting a drink in your hand. Nope. Though you don’t want to bag on the 9-0s service skills…their Saturday night crowd definitely get the best of them at the bar. Just be patient, you’ll get your AMF soon enough.


8. The most unlikely collection of people.

Unlikely because, how often do you see the athletes, the Greeks, the Hipsters, and even the the pre-meds all congregated in a bar that’s serving everyone’s “we got nothing better to do” needs? Just face it, you have a soft spot for the 9-0 bar and you’ll probably be back next Saturday night!


What are your experiences at the 9-0 bar like? Comment below and share the article!
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