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10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At The University of Georgia

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At The University of Georgia

While you'll overhear plenty on campus, there are some things you will never hear at the University of Georgia. If you hear these things, they're joking.

Here at the University of Georgia it’s no walk in the (dawg) park. We struggle with grades, finances, and how we are going to make it to our 8 a.m.’s when it’s raining. While a lot can be overheard on campus, there are some things you will never hear at the University of Georgia. All ten of these lines are some you will probably never come out of a UGA student’s mouth. If they do, please refer them to me because I need to know what I’m doing wrong.

1. I am doing so well in all of my classes.

Maybe it is just me but I can speak for a majority of people that are in most of my classes that will agree when I say “doing well” in class is a phrase we rarely use around here. No one expected UGA to be easy seeing as you had to lick your elbow, sneeze with your eyes open, and move your ears in order to be accepted as a freshman. This place is hard and I dare anyone to say it’s not. So while you may be doing well in a majority of classes I can guarantee there’s at least one that’s putting up a fight.


2. I am not getting enough exercise because campus is so flat and close together.

UGA’s main campus consist of 605 acres with 313 buildings. If you even think you will stay in one area of campus your next for four (or five) years you are in for a lovely surprise. You will find out just how fast you can walk on an uphill incline with your twenty pound back pack because you have to be in a class three miles away in a matter of 15 minutes because you need to graduate this Spring and it’s the only class offered and you are counted absent if you are five minutes late. Forget the transportation system, it has no concept of time.



3. Fall is literally the worst.

If you think fall is the worst time of year around UGA then you probably need to transfer to the University of Alaska where they have no football team and temperatures in the Fall get as low as 5 degrees. If you don’t love fall in South Georgia then you just aren’t living right. While it may be 100 degrees a little (or a lot) of sweat is irrelevant when cheering on the Bulldogs in Sanford stadium on a Saturday then celebrating a win downtown after. Even going to class in the fall is the best because you know you have something to look forward t on Saturdays because whether the Dawgs are at home or away you will be somewhere cheering them on.

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4. There is nothing to do in this town.

There are Theaters which make you feel like you are in the comfort of your own living room, bars for any and every mood you are in, there are unique boutiques everywhere, and the best places to eat. If someone says there is nothing to do around here they haven’t looked very far. Even our you want to go out and explore there are parks, trails’ and plenty of places to get outside and see nature. If you don’t want to get out there are plenty of indoor activities that you can do like Jump (indoor trampoline park), bowling, a movie, ………….


5. Everyone knows everyone around here.

With over 30,000 students there is a good chance you won’t be BFF’s with the majority of campus. There is a good chance you won’t know anyone in your classes therefore you don’t have to wear makeup or worry about appearances. If you are from a small town then you can finally shed the burden of being on your best behavior because everyone knew what you were doing before you did it in your hometown. Here you have the luxury of doing you and probably not having to worry about your parents getting a phone call telling them what you are doing.

6. I love spending most nights and weekends in the MLC.

Having to pull all nighters for the insane test you have tomorrow is not uncommon around here. Thankfully the MLC is a home away from home to many students that are trying to keep there grades above water. If you asked maybe ten students that you passed studying at the MLC I can guarantee you at least one has shed some tears within the last week, at least two have contemplated quitting, and at least three have called their parents to complain. The MLC isn’t a place you take possible incoming freshman because that is where the people who haven’t slept in a few days, and hate their lives are.



7. I should have just gone to my hometown college.

Lol. Not sure I have ever heard anyone even make a statement that indicated they should have stayed in their hometown and gone to their local college. I mean come on you could have gone to Kennesaw and been an owl, or Valdosta State and been a Blazer (actually what even is a blazer?), or Clayton State and had Loch as your mascot (not even sure once again what “Loch” is), or Georgia State and been a Panther. No matter what school you could have gone to you chose the best, who doesn’t want to be a Bulldog?????

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8. There are no clubs and organizations for me to get involved with.

800 student organizations which include sports club, organizations related to different majors, and organizations that work to benefit charitable causes. Not to mention there are 18 Panhellenic Sororities, 25 interfraternity council fraternities, and plenty of other Greek organizations to get involved in. There is no reason you are sitting around your house bored and not working to become apart of something bigger than yourself. Just abut everyone I know around here is involved in some sort of campus organization and they reap the benefits daily!

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9. I have way too much money I need spend some.

With a million great restaurants, and bar scene you want all within a few blocks of one another, and Atlanta only being an hour and a half away you have no choice but to spend money. When drinks are like $5 a piece DT and you don’t know the bar tender you can walk out of one bar and have lost over $100 if your not careful. It is safe to say some of us may be on the streets with hobos downtown if we continue getting all of these great places around here that require our money. I mean just go around and ask how many college students have made it through a week with only like ten dollars in their bank account. You would be surprised at how many.


10. I got at least a solid of ten hours of sleep at least each night this past week.

Either you aren’t taking the same classes I am taking or you don’t even have a social life. There are two things which could be keeping you up at night and almost everyone around here falls into at least one category. You are either going out with all of your friends every night your bank account will allow or you are up late studying because you just can’t understand how independent and dependent variables are not linked as causal relationships or because you dot even know what either of those words mean and its two months into the semester and your just now opening your book because you have a test at a.m. in the morning.


What are some other things you will never hear at the University of Georgia? Comment below!
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