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10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Ohio State University

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Ohio State University

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is a wonderful campus that provides so much for it’s students that it can be perceived as a small town. While there are many things you’ll overhear on campus, there are plenty of things you will never hear at Ohio State University. With it’s many quirks and unique characteristics, here are some things you will NEVER hear a Buckeye say:

1. “Blue and Yellow make the best color combination.”

If a fellow Buckeye utters these very words, you can guarantee they have already been convicted of treason. This color combination is that of our biggest rival, The Team Up North (TTUN for short), or more commonly known as, The University of Michigan. This age old rivalry, dating back to 1918 – almost 100 years! – is one that Buckeyes near and far have come to know and respect. During the week of the OSU vs UM game, all “M’s” on campus buildings, signs, and street posts are crossed out with a red tape X to show our unity of distaste for these savage Wolverines. The feud is strong and definitely won’t disappear in years to come, especially when we keep putting up a tough battle like we did this past season!

2. “I love Morrill dining hall; I could eat there every day!'”

It is a known fact that the food choices on OSU’s campus can be both varied and delicious. That is, if you aren’t stuck dealing with the Unlimited food plan. This plan restricts your choice to only three dining locations on campus; the three cafeteria-styled dining halls. Out of the three choices, Morrill comes out on top for being the most unappreciated and regret-filled location. With only a few selections to choose from and the far trek to make just to arrive there, many students find it more beneficial to opt for good ole Kennedy Commons or Scotts. Which brings us to our next outrageous statement:



3. “Gosh there are not enough food options at Scotts.”

Upon walking through the glorious gates of Scotts Traditions, one can find themselves overwhelmed with the lines, variations, and floors of food options. If you only have a short 20 minutes between classes, this is not your spot. With dishes ranging anywhere from burgers and fries to vegan and vegetarian cuisine, Scotts provides options for everyone. There are even Latin American and Mongolian stations located on the second floor! You will certainly never hear that there is a lack of options here from a Buckeye.

4. “I never have to wait for a machine at the RPAC!”

The Recreation and Physical Activity Center (more commonly known as the RPAC by Buckeyes) is the 5 story, gym wonderland located on West campus. Featuring about 27,500 square feet of fitness space with “state-of-the-art” equipment, it may come as a shock that there never seems to be a time of day that you do not have to wait for a machine. With over 44,000 undergraduate students, combined with the recent surge in fitness and wellness promotion in American society, there are myriad of students that are dedicated to working out. While this is awesome – go fitness, yay! – it leaves us all impatiently fighting with the buff guy on the leg press to get our own sets in before our next class.


5. “The food on High Street is so cheap and overrated.”

Raising Canes Chicken, Blaze Pizza, Chipotle, Five Guys, Panera, Berry Blendz, Qdoba, Plaza; if any of these names make your stomach growl, then you’d fall in love with High Street dining options. Crawling home with the munchies after a late night out? Well, to the benefit of the students, locations such as Pizza Rev and Canes tend to stay open to the ungodly hours of 3am on the weekends. High Street is like the main street hub for OSU students; with cheap food options, bars, coffee shops and retail stores both local and chain, there is never a dull moment for Buckeyes.

6. “I can never reach my Fitbit goals in one day!”

Known as one of the largest campuses in America, and accounting for the 57,000 students on the Columbus campus alone, one can expect campus to be huge in order to hold this many student, staff, and awesomeness. Spanning a whopping 1,765 acres in Columbus, there is no way someone can avoid getting their calves toned by simply walking to class. A typical trek from the South side of campus to North can take anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes alone. Along with that, classes are spread throughout South, North, and West campus, meaning you may be walking a total of an hour just simply to get to your classes. Then, factoring in food treks and traveling to the spread out gyms, libraries, and the student Union, your Fitbit can easily reach the point of breaking due to your step number. This factor can be beneficial to get your daily exercise in, but a death sentence in the brutal winter weather Ohio is known to face; leading me to the next outrageous comment.


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7. “This weather is so nice and predictable.”

Ohio is known for severe winters and warm, enjoyable summers. In recent years however, due to climate change and other climate factors, the weather here has been anything less than predictable. In one day solely, there can be snow, rain, and sunshine. Or, even better, Tuesday can be 30 degrees and sleeting while Wednesday is 65 degrees and breezy. It becomes a problem for students to have to equip themselves with proper layers and accessories each day to survive the dicey journeys across campus to classes and meetings. One thing you can be sure you will actually hear from Buckeyes is: “why did I not go somewhere in the south?”

8. “Construction here is never in my way!”

As for any university campus, construction is a pretty good sign. It signals that the university has money, space, and reason to improve. The downfall comes when the well-intention improvements impede on everyday life for students. The beginning of fall semester 2016, 18th Avenue, a main road with several class building located, was being worked on, requiring students to find alternative routes in order to not miss their super important and exciting Calc 1 lectures. Currently, work is being carried out on the famous Mirror Lake located on South campus. While we all know the results will be beautiful and worth-it, the 5 minute extra walk we have to take to get to class, Kennedy Commons, or even our dorms can sometimes be frustrating.


9. “Big Bar is by far the best bar on High.”

….Just, no. There are so many amazing, unique, and fun bars on High Street alone, such as Stubes, Toos, and Formaggios. One should never subject themselves to Big Bar if possible.

10. “There is nothing to do around Columbus.”

This statement is one you would never hear being uttered by a student or even a resident of Columbus, Ohio. Even in the first-year orientation ceremony, there is an hour-long session describing everything there is to do around Columbus. There are locations such as the COSI science center, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Columbus Art Museum, and various Gallery Hops that are put on every month to fill your free time with. One of the more convenient attractions for OSU students is the Short North: a neighborhood district centered on the arts; with miles and miles of unique food options, local retailers, and gallery expositions, Buckeyes will never find themselves bored in this amazing city we all call Home.

What are some other things you will never hear at Ohio State University? Comment below!
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