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10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Notre Dame

If you know, you know. While a lot can be overheard on campus, there are some things you will never hear at Notre Dame.

1. Wow, I think I have too many flex points.

2. This was the best season in Notre Dame football history!

3. Parietals should be much, much earlier.


4. I should have taken an 8:20 class this semester.

5. The 2-step login process has made my life so much easier!

6. I’ve never met anyone from a suburb of Chicago!

7. I have never seen a pair of L.L. Bean boots…or a Patagonia fleece…


8. I only ever fill up my water bottle in DeBart.

9. The Moreau First Year Experience is the best class I’ve ever taken.

10. I think tuition should increase by more than 3.7%.

What are some other things you will never hear at Notre Dame? Comment below!
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Stephanie Araki

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