10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At George Washington University

While a lot can be overheard on campus, there are some things you will never hear at George Washington University! If you do, something is either horribly wrong, or they don’t go to GWU.

1. “What’s a Canada Goose?”

2. “Ugh, I would NEVER want to intern on the hill, politics don’t really interest me.”


3. “I miss J-Street so much (but we do actually miss having to spend $17 on a plate of gray chicken).”

4. “No, I’m not from NY/NJ/MA, I’m from (insert a name of anywhere else in the country).”


5. “Ew, you like GW Deli food? Man, Carvings for life!”

6. “Going out on a Thursday? Sorry man, I have class tomorrow!”





7. “I would never want to live at The Ave, too expensive.”


8. “HellWell is fine, Equinox/SoulCycle/CorePower is waaayyyy too much money for me.”








9. “I swear the wine at Whole Foods is cheaper than Trader Joes!’


10. “Let’s go to a GW sporting event on the Vern.”








Featured photo source: weheartit.com
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