10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At University of South Carolina

Having been a student University of South Carolina for a year and almost 2 months, there are certain traits about the campus that have become more and more apparent to me, whether through hearing people complain/rave about them or my own experiences. There are certain truths about USC that just can’t be denied. Here are just a few of those truths, things you’ll never hear a Gamecock say:

1. “I can always find good parking.”

This is difficult with or without a permit. With one, you have to drive around looking for a spot, and when you find one, it is almost always in between people who don’t know how to park, or it’s the farthest from your destination. A great day at USC for you is characterized by pulling into a lot while someone is pulling out of a fantastic spot, so you get to swoop in and take it over. Without one, your options are limited and rarely free.

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2. “I went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and the line wasn’t that long.”

If you can honestly say this, please tell me this secret magical time when the lunch line for chick-fil-a isn’t practically merging with the Einstein’s line. All I want is some nuggets y’all.

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3. “I’ve never met someone in a sorority.”

Greek life is huge at USC, so it’s rare that you don’t meet at least one person in your four years who is sporting letters. And if you have somehow not MET somebody, you have definitely SEEN hundreds of girls going to and from classes sporting awesome function shirts and buttons on her backpack. We are an unavoidable community on campus.

4. “I’ve never been caught in a sudden 20-minute long downpour.”

For whatever reason, Columbia loves to open the clouds on us at the most random times without warning, and just pour water on us for 20 minutes, and then completely stop. And by random, I mean at the worst time for students, during peak class times or class changes. If you are that one person who hasn’t gotten caught in one, you are just about the luckiest damn person alive and I want to be you when I grow up. Teach me your weather-predicting ways!


a girl who almost lost feeling in her toes from having to walk around in soaking wet cold shoes for hours

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5. “I hate having classes cancelled for a hurricane and it not even hitting us.”

Are you kidding? We get a day or three off of school and its Gorgeous outside. We are living. Let’s be real here, Hurricane days are better than snow days.

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6. “I hate that our mascot is the gameCOCKS.”

LOL. Who doesn’t love being able to yell “COCKS!” at the top of your lungs and no one will judge you? And who doesn’t love being able to wear a shirt with “Cocks” on it and Aunt Barbara can’t be offended, because all you’re doing is supporting your school? It’s actually a blessing in disguise.

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7. “I hate our school colors, they don’t look good on me.”

Garnet and Black. Come on now, these colors look good on everyone. To start, black is a universal color, it looks good on pretty much everyone. There’s a reason every girl needs an LBD instead of an LOD (little orange dress). And we interpret Garnet as any shade that could be labeled as Maroon or a dark red, so no matter what skin or hair color you have, you can find a suitable shade to wear to games.

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8. “Don’t you just love this hot humid suffocating weather we are having on this late September day?”

I enjoy warm weather as much as the next person, but It’s almost October. October is a fall season. It should not be 90 degrees and so humid that my hair curls in under a minute of being outside. It’s time for mother nature to start cooling down so I can wear all the cute fall things I bought at target.

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9. “I wish our campus was prettier.”

You don’t deserve to be here if you don’t think USC is a beautiful campus. I sit on the Horseshoe every Thursday even though I’m allergic to basically all of nature because it just makes me so happy to sit there and look at how beautiful it is. The Huge lush trees, the historic buildings. And That’s just on the horseshoe, a small part of our campus. There’s also always a dog on the horseshoe being insanely adorable and that increases the level of beauty by at least 60%. 100% if you get to pet said dog.

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10. “I hate coming back to USC every fall.”

I love my home state so much, and I love going home for breaks to see my family and boyfriend. But I have found a second home here at USC, and I’m never sad to have to come back here. I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else. USC has made me a better person already, and I still have 3 years left.


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