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10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At University of Central Florida

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At University of Central Florida

If you go to University of Central Florida, I'm sure these are 10 things neither you or your friends have ever said. Read this article that all UCF students can relate to.

The University of Central Florida, or UCF, is a public state university located in Orlando, Florida. It has grown to be the largest university in the United States by undergraduate enrollment, as well as the largest by enrollment at a single campus! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Like at any university there are some things many just won’t understand until they have been a student, listed are 10 things you will never hear a University of Central Florida student say.

1. “It was so easy finding a parking spot today before class!”

66,000 students + limited on-campus parking garages, you do the math.

2. “The student union was dead this fine Wednesday morning.”

Wednesdays are reserved for student organizations and select vendors to set up a table and promote what they have to offer University of Central Florida students.


3. “While walking on campus, I didn’t almost get hit by a biker, longboarder, or golf cart!”

We University of Central Florida students have multiple ways of commuting to class, it’s okay to be jealous of a Knight.

4. ” I’ve never been stalked by a squirrel.”

Most commonly found outside the student union, the squirrels of University of Central Florida are ballsy and will follow you around until you post a snap story of them.

5. “Starbucks on Memory Mall had no line!”

If you want your Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte, girl you’re gonna have to plan your schedule around it.


6. “Football Tailgate is lame.”

Wrong, go and have fun. Then, thank me later. Maybe not the morning after though.

7. “University of Central Florida needs to be fixed up.”

False! UCF actually stands for “Under Construction Forever” because the University is always working on a building or facility for UCF students to have the highest and best education we can.

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8. “I didn’t catch any traffic on my way to school today.”

UCF shuttles aren’t just for the convenience of students without cars who don’t live in the dorms, it’s also for those of us who hate sitting in our car for an extra 15 minutes because we hit every red light before we even get to the whole new struggle of the parking garages.

9. “There’s nothing to do.”

With over 600 clubs and organizations, a huge gym with a pool, a rock climbing wall, inter-mural sports, restaurants, and concerts held at CFE arena, you should really be saying “what can’t I do on this campus.”

10. “Football season sucked this year.”

Good one! Go knights! Perfect 13-0 season, American East division 1A champions of 2017.

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