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10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At NYU

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At NYU

There are some things many don’t understand until they’ve been a student. Read on to find out 10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At NYU

NYU continues to be one of the best schools in the nation. The university attracts some of the world’s best and brightest individuals. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Like any university, there are some things many just don’t understand until they’ve been a student… Read on to find out 10 things you will never hear a student say at NYU.

1. “Greek Life here is legit”

While Greek life may be a big deal at other universities, it is basically a myth at NYU. “Greek row” is a hallway and if a student has attended a “party,” they probably never will again.

2. “I totally came to school because of Gossip Girl”

Are people serious when they ask if students really picked NYU because of GG? I am not going to pretend like the idea of living like Vanessa or Blair didn’t spark some interest in attending NYU, but it is not the ONLY reason I chose this school.


3. “Celebrities are a HUGE deal”

Celebrities are common in student’s life if they go to NYU. Some students have sat next to a Sprouse brother in class or heard campus stories about the Olsen twins. Adam Sandler is an alumnus. James Franco was a professor in the film department. It’s more than likely students will be more excited to see a puppy on the street, not a celebrity. Welcome to New York life.


4. “I don’t drink coffee”

I’m not afraid of a lot, but a morning on campus without coffee does frighten me to my core. Coffee at NYU is essential for successful studying at the university. I will wait in the infinitely long line at Starbucks if I have to. I will be 20 minutes late to class if I have to.


5. “I’m not confused about our mascot”

What is NYU’s mascot? This is a good question… students aren’t so sure either. Bobcat, Violet, does anyone know? It turns out NYU is both. The Violets is NYU’s nickname and the Bobcat is NYU’s mascot. The Bobcat was named for the Bobst card catalog.

7. “Let’s go to Times Square”

Everyone at NYU gets their touristy Times Square moment. And then they never go back. In fact, they don’t go back and avoid it like the plague. 

7. “Sidewalk rage doesn’t exist”

Urban dictionary describes sidewalk rage as “The on-foot version of road rage; intense anger felt towards others who are either oblivious or just plain rude to their fellow side walkers.” See how this could be a real thing at NYU?


8. “I’m not thankful for my NYU card”

Could this be considered a lifeline for all NYU students? YES, A MILLION TIMES, YES. Not only does this precious piece of plastic get students into buildings and is a quick swipe away from a meal at Kimmel pasta station, it get’s students tons of discounts around the city. Not to mention, students can get into some of the coolest museums in New York City.

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9. “Public napping is not socially acceptable”

Nodding off in the library? Seeing stars during class? Line too long at Peet’s? NYU has a napping spot for everyone. Don’t be ashamed, it’s normal at NYU. Kimmel second floor is NYU’s prime napping spot. Heck, what am I saying? Any place on campus is prime napping spot. Sometimes all you need is a corner. There is no shame in packing your pillow, blanket, and a pair of dark sunglasses for your afternoon on campus nap.



10. “Attending NYU was the worst decision of my life”

Though the amount of tuition is quite scary, finding an internship can be stressful, and many can’t wait for the day where they use an actual alarm clock instead of the construction outside, being a NYU student is the best choice one can make.

NYU is often misunderstood. The world sees tall skyscrapers, The Statue of Liberty, and it’s never failing that many think NYU students are living in a Gossip Girl world. (Can anyone blame them?) Thank you, NYU. You have offered an endless amount of opportunities, provided amazing friendships, and some of the best 4 years of a person’s life.

What else would you never hear a student say at NYU? Let us know in the comments below!
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