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10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Liberty University

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Liberty University

10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Liberty University

Liberty University is full of its perks, but there are still some things that don’t compare to other Virginia universities. Not only is LU unique for its large focus on Christianity, but it’s also special for its inside jokes among students. “Ring by Spring” and “Convo” are topics that no one outside of the ‘Burg will ever understand; similar to how no one, including LU students, seem to know what the heck a flame is (a group of eagles). That being said, here are some things you will never hear a student say at Liberty University.

1. “I chose this school because Rot food tastes amazing!”

While the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall might have been ranked #1 for best dining halls, the food rarely shows such a standard…unless it’s CFAW weekend; in which case, Rot food serves as false advertising to prospective students.

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2. “I’m not majoring in business, nursing, or elementary education.”

Try naming one person, especially a female, who is majoring in something other than one of these three majors…#justsaying


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3. “I found a great parking spot!”

Not only are the parking lots seemingly miles away, but they are also ALWAYS full. Don’t forget about the massive hills you have to walk up just to get back to your dorm.

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4. “Registering for an 8:15 was my wisest decision yet!”

No one, absolutely NO ONE, at LU would ever be caught saying this. In college, it is our RIGHT to sleep in and make our own schedules, so we purposely avoid any class before Convo or noon.

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5. “The weather outside is PERFECT today!”

Is there even such a thing in Drenchburg? When it’s not pouring, it’s snowing, obnoxiously windy, or deathly hot. There is no in-between.

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6. “The fire alarm hasn’t gone off in a while.”

If you’re in Commons I, or even in Commons II, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It seems that every time it drizzles or you’re just about to start typing that paper you’ve been procrastinating on for two weeks, the fire alarm ever-so-conveniently goes off, and you get the luxury of experiencing Liberty’s weather from a perspective other than your room window.

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7. “This WiFi is better than the WiFi I have at home!”

Ask any male on campus and they will assure you that LU WiFi is slow and unreliable. It goes down randomly and no matter what you’re on, it will lag. Good luck with your Netflix binge watching tonight..

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8. “The campus could use some more bricks.”

Honestly, the overuse of bricks everywhere on Liberty’s campus is probably why people keep stealing the bricks from the walkways. Aside from every building being made out of bricks,  sometimes Rot food is made out of bricks, too. Even the new buildings are still, at minimum, half brick.

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9. “Yes, I’m single.”

Why does it seem like everyone at LU is already dating someone else or married? Aside from Ring by Spring, especially with the thousands of students on campus, it seems impossible to find someone who is not already in a relationship.

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10. “I had no problem finding my class in DeMoss!”

Admit it, we have all been #LostInDemoss at some point. Even professors have confessed to getting lost. Who can blame us when the room numbers don’t even go in order?!

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