5 Things You Will Learn At The Beginning Of Your Relationship

5 Things You Will Learn At The Beginning of Your Relationship

The beginning of an intimate relationship can be the most exciting or stressful moment in one’s life. If you are already swept away by someone and want advice, there is so much information out there with pros and cons that mainly come from personal experiences. Most of which might not even apply to you at all. Are you someone who is at the six-month mark and want to know where things are going?

There is advice for that as well. Rest assured, there are several common things people will go through and you will too. Here are five things you will learn at the beginning of your relationship (or maybe you have gone through them and will recognize them)!

1. The Feeling of Getting Butterflies Has a Switch

Everyone is familiar with that frustrating yet most amazing feeling. You feel your face flush, hands shiver, and your gut tingles. At least this is what happens throughout the first few days, and months if you are lucky.

That lingering feeling is gone for a moment and back the next. This is the working part of your nerves telling you that the other person, your hopefully better half is the most exciting person to be around; and yet, what if they are not? You become conflicted with your inner thoughts and feelings about the other person, but first and foremost think about yourself. This feeling goes on and off constantly!

5 Things You Will Learn At The Beginning of Your Relationship

2. You Won’t Be Able To Stop Smiling

The shiny new parts of a relationship introduce all kinds of feelings, emotions, and thoughts running through your mind. If the person you’re with seems like the most magical creature, a smile will creep up on your face and make your day a whole lot better. Assuming both of you have near-perfect charisma, neither of you will have a frown during conversations. The rush of dopamine is continuously conducted in your brain.

You find yourself believing that this person makes you smile and feel good about yourself regardless of personal issues. If you have never smiled prior to getting into an awesome relationship, consider this as the best moment in your life. Be sure to continue monitoring how you feel throughout the process.

5 Things You Will Learn At The Beginning of Your Relationship

3. You Observe Everything That The Other Person Does

We all remember the first time someone made us laugh or cry. Positive and negative things are weighed on a balance scale. You begin to listen closely to the words your new partner is saying and carefully respond accordingly. You take note of what they like to eat, what their favorite movie quotes are (and hope that you like them too). A thing that people commonly come across at the pinnacle of a relationship is the list of deal-breakers.

The smallest things such as opening the door for you, paying for the meal to the bigger issues such as yelling at a waiter could cost them time and management that you want to put into a relationship. Leading into the next point, what the other person does will eventually change what you are going to do.

5 Things You Will Learn At The Beginning of Your Relationship

4. You Make Unusual Decisions

When you are smitten, you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to every question and activity. This is only because you want to make a good impression on the person you are dating. If you are someone who has never paid for a single meal in their life, you suddenly feel the need to ask for the bill at a restaurant during your date. Talking about small things rather than extreme measures, the one thing every person does is step out of their comfort zone in order to make their relationship work. You will slowly learn that if the other person appreciates how you already are, they will enjoy the type of person that you are.

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Such unusual and out of the ordinary decisions come from your own ego. You want to be with this person for as long as possible. Therefore, you make slight changes to your lifestyle to conform to what the other person likes. Are they doing something you don’t like? It works the same way, the other person could be doing something to change that as well.

5 Things You Will Learn At The Beginning of Your Relationship

5. Fight or Flight Response Kicks In

In any relationship throughout life, our gut instinct assists in deciding whether or not we should stand by the people we choose to be around. In an intimate relationship, especially in the beginning, this response can be contradicting or overwhelming. If you stay true to yourself and your initial thoughts about your budding romance, you can secure your ticket to the ride of a lifetime. You notice that the other person is consistently marking each goal that you have on your vision board.

On a serious note, when you find yourself being distant, or perhaps the other person has changed and is completely irrational, fight or flight will give you a signal to stand guard and defend yourself at all costs. Of course, through thorough communication and sorting out misunderstandings and when there is no physical threat, you will be able to calmly resume the relationship.

5 Things You Will Learn At The Beginning of Your Relationship

Did you experience any of these feelings at the beginning of your relationship? Comment below!

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