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5 Things You Shouldn’t Wear To An Interview

Interviews are not easy and can be very tricky. What we actually have to do in order to do well in an interview is a mysterious path that no one has explored! You basically have to face someone asking you questions about your life and your past, AND you have to make sure to impress the interviewer in order to get the job. Don’t you dare worry though, because even if you don’t find yourself able to impress through talking, you could actually make the interviewer like you by your choice of clothes! Here are five things you shouldn’t wear to an interview no matter what!

1. Mini Skirt

This is a big no-no! When you go for an interview to get a job, you don’t want to get it by showing off too much skin.

Wear Instead:

2. Stilettos

I’m not saying you have to go with sneakers, but something more comfortable than a 15cm stiletto would be preferable. A good choice would be ballerina flat shoes or a pair of chic platform shoes, mostly in the summer.

Wear Instead:

3. Fuchsia Lipstick

Okay, call me conservative, but the Barbie look does not have a place in an interview. You could go with a classic red or something nude, which would go with literally everything!

Wear Instead:

4. Bust Revealing Top

Just like the mini skirt, this is also a no-no! You don’t want the person interviewing you looking at your chest rather than your eyes. It ruins the Bossgirl attitude.

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Wear Instead:

5. See-Through Clothes

I bet you understand why this is inappropriate for an interview! Last, but definitely not least, see-through clothes are a huge NO-NO. I am sure you don’t want to show every bit of your body to the person you want to hire you for a job.

Wear Instead:

These are the 5 things you shouldn’t wear to an interview, no matter what! Let me know what you think in the comments below!
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