7 Things You Should You NEVER Post About Your Relationship On Social Media

Everyone knows them. Those couples that post absolutely everything that goes on between them in their relationship on social media to where it feels like you’re a part of the relationship too. You swear to yourself that you’ll never be like them, and you mean it. Here are 7 ways where you can make sure you and your significant other never become “that couple” and keep your relationship on social media appropriate.

1. Every time you argue or get into a disagreement.

We get that you caught him liking some girl’s picture on Instagram and that it led to a huge argument, but does Twitter or Facebook really need to know all about it? No. Why let people know when your home isn’t happy? Communicate your problems like adults and keep it moving!


2. Your sex lives.

This one should be obvious but I guess it’s not so let’s discuss. I am all for being open about sexuality and it’s great to take pride in what you do in the bedroom and how you do it, but nobody wants to read about how many times you did it, or where you did it, or in what ways. Not only is it disturbing to the mind, but some things are just better left in the privacy of your own bedroom, or car, or wherever it is you prefer to get it on.


3. “Mushy” posts about your significant other.

Sometimes, people just don’t want to see how much you love Bob because he washed the dishes, or he cleaned your car and he’ll probably appreciate it more if you told him that you love him and adore him to his face than to your family on Facebook.

4. Cryptic or subliminal posts towards them.

Everyone knows who you’re talking about and no one really cares. Learn to communicate your problems face-to-face and avoid posting subliminal statuses in hopes that they’ll catch it and fix whatever the problem is.

5. Anything personal about your partner.

This is just a big no-no. Even if to you it is so cute and adorable, to other people, or even to your partner, it may be embarrassing and something they would prefer the world didn’t know about. Always make sure you ask for permission before posting something personal about your partner, so you don’t end up in an argument.



6. Too much information.

This one goes along with a lot of these, but you’d be surprised at how many statuses or tweets you’ll see a day about something that is way too personal or just downright disturbing that no one wanted to read about Jimmy.

7. The Break-Up

If you and your partner happen to break-up, keep the mess off of social networks. Not only will it cause more drama for you, mutual friends, and family, but posting every detail of the breakup just isn’t what people want to know. Do whatever you need to do to get over it in your own manner, but posting it on social media should not be one of those ways.


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