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10 Things You Should Literally Never Do At Ohio University

10 Things You Should Literally Never Do At Ohio University

There are few things you should never do at Ohio University. We've put them in a guide so you never make these mistakes at Ohio University!

Going to a public university means that you have a lot of freedom to do whatever you want, within certain boundaries. There are plenty of rules listed in the Ohio University handbook, but here are 10 things you should NEVER do at Ohio University.

1. Don’t schedule a class before 9am.

Although sometimes it may be out of your control, aim to schedule classes that begin a little later in the morning. If you’re anything like me, a good night’s sleep is valued very highly on your list of priorities. There have been many instances where I’ve stayed up extra late studying, gone out with friends on a weeknight, or lost track of time watching Netflix until the wee hours of the morning, then completely dreaded getting up for class the next morning. I’m also a big fan of waking up and working out to start my day. Going to gym, showering and getting ready for class takes about 2 hours on a typical day. If you have class starting at 7:30am, it’s hard to find the motivation to get in your daily workout beforehand. It’s nice knowing that you can live your college life, be well rested, and make it to class on time. Therefore, I recommend minimizing your stress and only scheduling classes after 9am!


2. Never drop a plate in a dining hall.

Have you ever been publicly embarrassed? Yeah, me too. But trust me, dropping a plate full of food that shatters on the ground will top whatever embarrassment you’ve experienced in the past. There’s nothing worse than dropping a plate in Nelson dining hall at the peak dinner time where everyone in the entire cafeteria will start clapping and cheering to elevate your embarrassment. It may sound mean, but it’s a daily occurrence that I strongly suggest you avoid. Hold on to your plates, folks!



3. Never burn popcorn in your dorm room.

We’ve all been there, you’re up late at night studying for an exam and you get a little hungry so you decide to make a snack. What better than a little buttery, salty popcorn, right? Wrong. Unless you are an absolute professional popcorn maker, I’m begging you, please don’t make popcorn late at night. Worst case scenario, it will burn and the fire alarm will go off. Everyone in the dorm building will be either woken up or their evening will be disturbed and trust me, they will not be happy. The fire trucks will come, officers will go around checking room to room to see which culprits set off the smoke alarm, and you will be reprimanded.

4. Don’t wear Miami University apparel.

Miami University is our rival school, so I promise if you represent the Redhawks on your way to class you will be called out. The rivalry is know as the “Battle of the Bricks” and dates back to 1908, far far before our time. School spirit is very important at Ohio University, so suit up in green and white bobcat apparel instead!


5. Never go to Ping Recreation Center around 8pm.

Especially after winter break, everyone is trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions of being healthier and working out more. Now that second semester is in full swing, students have gotten into the routine of attending class, doing homework, eating dinner then going to work out. This means Ping absolutely packed around 8pm. You will have to wait for floor mats, machines, and even the drinking fountain. No one likes to have their workout interrupted or delayed so that’s why I recommend working out in the morning or immediately following your last class of the day.

6. Avoid walking up Jeff Hill at all costs.

Athens, Ohio is notorious for being very hilly and some of the steepest are found on OU’s campus. Jeff Hill is by far the worst of all and although sometimes it is hard to avoid, there is a way to get around trekking up this mountainous slope. At the bottom of Jeff Hill there is a pathway to the right that leads to the music building. Inside the building is an elevator that can take you up to the fourth level, which is the ground level at the top of the hill. Unless you prefer getting some bonus cardio in for the day, try taking this shortcut!



7. Do NOT urinate in public.

This is one of those things you should never do at Ohio University, or anywhere! We’ve all heard OU’s reputation of being a “party school” so it’s not shock that there are plenty of opportunities to run into trouble with the law. Many assume the most common student arrests are do to either underage drinking or open container violations. False! The leading cause of arrest on Ohio University’s campus is public indecency, or in simpler terms, peeing on the side of a house because the line for the bathroom at a party is taking too long. Don’t allow yourself to add a permanent scuff to you record for something as silly as this!

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8. Never wear heels around campus.

Remember those seriously annoying hills I was talking about earlier? The only thing that’ll make it worse is trying to hike up them in five inch stilettos. Trust me, pain is NOT beauty in this situation. 9 times out of 10 when you see a girl wearing heels to a bar, you can catch her carrying them in her hands on the way home. If you absolutely must wear heels to a special event or date party, instead of suffering from blisters for the next two weeks I recommend wearing flats and changing shoes upon arrival. Your feet will thank you!

9. Never go to Chipotle if you’re in a hurry.

Unless you’re ready to wait in line for minimum 30 minutes, avoid grabbing a “quick” bite to eat at Chipotle. Without fail, Chipotle in Athens, Ohio always has a line of hungry college students that extends out the door. Even if you order online, chances are you will still have to wait for your meal because 50 other kids had the same brilliant idea as you to try to avoid the line. If you’re the impatient type or are ever in a hurry, plan on eating somewhere else on Court Street. If you really can’t shake that burrito craving, try Big Mamma’s or the Burrito Buggy instead.


10. Never shy away from making friends.

Of all of the above rules, I find this to be most important. To make the most of your college experience, you have to put yourself out there. If you live in the dorms, leave your door open or hangout in the floor lounges. If you live off campus in a house, knock on your neighbors door or invite them to your next party. College is all about making connections and creating memories. Instead of sitting in the back row of a lecture hall with your headphones in until class starts, sit next to someone random and start a conversation. Ohio University is extremely diverse and welcoming, meaning you’re bound to find a number of friends as long as you put in a little effort.


If you follow these unspoken rules and focus on your school work, you’re bound to succeed at Ohio University!

Do you know of any other things you should never do at Ohio University? Comment below and share the article!
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