15 Things You Should Never Ask A Girl

If you're looking to avoid a huge argument with your girlfriend or girl you're dating, these are the 15 things you should NEVER ask a girl.

When talking to a girl, whether she’s your girlfriend or someone you’re into, there are some things you should literally never ask. To avoid a heated argument, that you will definitely lose, here are 15 things you should never, ever ask a girl!

15 Things You Should Never Ask A Girl

1. What her name is…again

So, you’re out at a bar and you’ve had your eye on a girl. You finally got the courage to go up to her and start a conversation. Do yourself a favor and remember her name the first time she says it. If you have to ask again, you weren’t paying attention and she’ll instantly think you’re an asshole.

2. If she’s going to eat all of her food

YES, she is going to finish that entire pizza and YES, she will have some dessert.

3. Why she’s so emotional

Would you like to be with someone who doesn’t have any emotions or who doesn’t care about you at all? Just a thought.

15 Things You Should Never Ask A Girl

4. To “relax” or “calm down”

THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS. If you tell anyone to calm down or relax when they are clearly not overreacting, brace yourself.

15 Things You Should Never Ask A Girl

5. If it’s that time of the month

The stereotype that women act differently and “crazy” during their period is absolute nonsense. Chances are, she doesn’t have it and when she does, you wouldn’t know the difference. Don’t be a dick and ask a stupid question that is beyond irrelevant.

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6. Why she needs more clothes/shoes

The real question is why she DOESN’T need more clothes or shoes.

7. If she’s going to change her outfit

Whether she comes out in sweats or is ready to hit the runway at a fashion show, it shouldn’t matter what she’s wearing. All that matters is that she feels confident and good about herself. It’s not up to you, so don’t give your opinion unless it’s telling her she looks good.

8. If she’s pregnant

If you need someone to tell you not to ask a woman if she’s pregnant, you may need a reality check. Maybe it’s a food baby, maybe it’s a real baby. Either way, it is really not your place to ask and if she isn’t pregnant, you will make her feel terrible about herself. Just don’t do it.

15 Things You Should Never Ask A Girl

9. If she’s tired

So, she has bags under eyes and looks like she may be an extra on the Walking Dead. Maybe she’s not wearing makeup that day or maybe she really is exhausted, either way, asking will only put you in a bad position.

10. How much she weighs


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11. If that’s her real hair

And if it’s not, why does that matter? If her hair looks good, you should be complimenting her, not asking if it’s real.

12. How many men she’s slept with

It shouldn’t matter how many men she’s had sex with if you’re into her. A better question to ask is how many boyfriends she has had.

13. If she wants to go back to your place…after you just met

Even if you are only looking for a hookup, you need to put in more effort than getting straight to sex. It’s aggressive and sketchy and no one likes that.

15 Things You Should Never Ask A Girl

14. If she’s had work done on her boobs/butt

If she has or hasn’t, you find her attractive so who cares?

15. When she’s getting a real job

Any job is a real job. If she is hustling and making her own money, that’s all that matters. Don’t ask a girl this.

15 Things You Should Never Ask A Girl

Do you have any other questions that guys shouldn’t ask a girl?! Share in the comments below!

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