10 Things You Should Literally Never Do At Penn State University

Penn State University is filled with spirited students and alumni. Our legacy lives on through generations. With our fanatical school pride, here are a few guideline of what to NEVER do at PSU. Or else!

1. Step on the seal.

Just don’t.

Dont You Put That Evil On Me GIF

2. Wear anything Ohio State around campus.

Literally anything but OSU. You don’t want to know what happens if you do.

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3. Argue with the Willard preacher.

It is genuinely not worth your time no matter how bad you want to.

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4. Buy books you can just rent.

Save your money.

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5. Download Grub hub.

You will order in every meal and have no self control.

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6. Mix ice cream flavors at the creamery.

It’s a sin.

Shoveling Ice Cream GIF by Justin Gammon

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7. Stand where you are on the White Loop.

Be a decent human and move back when more people are getting on.

Out Of My Way Move GIF

8. Procrastinate figuring out housing.

You will get screwed.

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9. Go to the HUB during a lunch rush.

Only the strong will make it at Penn State University.

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10. Stay in every night.

Go out and have a good time!


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Hannah Feeney

Hannah is a public relations major at Penn State University. She is also an active council member of Kappa Delta sorority. She loves reading, writing, and relaxing on the beach!