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10 Things You Should Know If You Are Going Through Sorority Recruitment In The Spring

10 Things You Should Know If You Are Going Through Sorority Recruitment In The Spring

This article provides ten points of advice for women planning to go through formal sorority recruitment in the spring at UD.

Formal recruitment is very exciting for young women hoping to join a sorority. The process can be a bit overwhelming, and for those who don’t know much about Greek life before, it might seem as though you are the only one who is feeling that way. Despite all of the craziness involved in recruitment, it ends up being worth every second. Here is some advice for those of you who are going through recruitment in the spring.

Keep an Open Mind

Many people go into formal recruitment with assumptions and stereotypes already in their minds. Whether it’s a story a friend told, or a generalization based on social media, girls often have ideas about who they will and will not like before they even begin Open House Round. Holding onto these beliefs when you begin recruitment will only get in your way. You will have more trouble recognizing when you are really clicking with girls in a certain chapter if you begin the process close-minded. Try to start recruitment with no thoughts or feelings about any chapter until you get to know them. It will make it easier for you to find your people!

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Be Yourself

It’s difficult to feel totally relaxed when you are meeting so many different people. You may feel like you need to act a certain way or say specific things to make people like you, but this is not what recruitment is about. The best way to find the people you want to make memories with is by being yourself. You will be making lifelong friends, so it only makes sense that they should know the real you! It also makes the rounds much more comfortable when you can relax and just be you. Recruitment can be a lot of fun if you just keep calm and be yourself.

Ignore Things Other People Tell You

No matter what other PNMs tell you, you will have your own opinions and feelings about certain chapters. People will be talking about chapters they like and don’t like and what chapters they think are “better” than others, but try to ignore it. Other people’s comments do not define chapters, nor do they have a say in whether or not you enjoyed your time in a chapter’s room. Ignore other people’s comments and gossip and try to focus on your own feelings because the only one truly affected by the chapter you choose is you.

You Will Survive

It’s exhausting. Two full weekends of waking up painfully early to spend all day running around to different rooms and trying to make sense of every conversation you have definitely takes a toll on you. And that week in between where you have to wait days before you can find out which chapters you are going back to is definitely rough. But after it’s all said and done, you’ll be glad you committed so much time to it because you will end up where you’re supposed to be! No matter how downtrodden you feel during recruitment, you will make it through and find your home.


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It Can Be Stressful

No one ever said sorority recruitment was easy. It’s can be very stressful feeling so many different emotions in such a short period of time. The anxiousness you feel waiting to get your list for the day and the rush of emotions you feel when you finally find out which chapters you are returning to can be a lot to endure. The best thing you can do is take a deep breath and try to relax. Everyone says it’s important to “trust the process,” which I wasn’t sure I believed when I went through formal recruitment. But ladies, it’s true. It all works out so that you find your home and end up exactly where you are supposed to be. So, try to take a deep breath and enjoy the chaos.

Try Your Best to Remain Positive

Sometimes you don’t end up going back to chapters you liked and sometimes you have less than enjoyable conversations in chapters you may have liked a lot to begin with. These things happen, but it’s important to look on the bright side. For every not-so-great conversation you have, there will be one unexpectedly wonderful conversation that makes you feel as though you’ve found where you are supposed to be. This is what makes recruitment worth it. Try to keep your chin up through the hectic, emotional days, so that you can recognize the great rounds when they happen.


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Your Rho Gammas Will Be Your Go-to’s

Don’t be afraid to talk to your Rho Gammas! They are there for you throughout the process for questions, concerns, and anything else you need. I remember feeling a bit hesitant to talk to anyone about my thoughts or experiences during recruitment, which I now know was ridiculous. Your Rho Gams are there to help you, and they know exactly what you’re going through. So, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or confused at any point, find your Rho Gammas because it’s their job to help!


Don’t Take Things Personally

More than one thousand young women rush every spring at UD. The chaos of finding homes for everyone gets to be a lot, and sometimes you don’t feel totally happy with the way rounds are going or what your schedule looks like after a day of rounds. For example, girls often take it personally when they are not asked back to certain chapters that they may have liked, but this does not mean that the women in that chapter dislike you or did not enjoy your conversation. The process of recruitment requires that every woman in every chapter help the PNMs to find their home, and if those women don’t think their chapter is the one you will be happiest in, they do their part to ensure you find your people. So, don’t take anything personally, because it all works out and you will be glad that all of the people you met helped to point you in the right direction.

Don’t Be the Person That Speaks Negatively About Other Chapters

Your Rho Gammas will tell you at your very first meeting that you are not supposed to say rude or offensive things about other chapters. Some PNMs do not follow this advice, which creates uncomfortable situations for the other people around them. If you talk badly about a chapter to your friends or your roommate, there’s always a chance that someone hears you. In fact, with so many young women running around, it’s pretty much guaranteed. Try to keep your opinions to yourself because it gives people a very bad impression of you if you speak negatively about entire chapters of women you don’t even really know. Recruitment will be much more fun and exciting if you focus on you and try to be a positive presence around others!

It’s Worth It

The process can be stressful and exhausting, but when you finally find your home, you’ll understand why it’s all worth it. You will end up with a chapter full of new friends, and you will meet your future bridesmaids who will be there for you through everything. Looking back, most people only remember a few things that happened during recruitment because most of the best memories will begin on bid day. The stress of the process disappears, and you are left with not only a whole pledge class of new friends but also an entire chapter of women that will help you find yourself for the next few years.


What are your tips for girls going through spring recruitment? Tell us in the comments!

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