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8 Things You Should Know About Syllabus Week

8 Things You Should Know About Syllabus Week

Starting college can be very stressful, especially when considering all the unknowns. What can help steady you is your syllabus. The first week of classes is considered Syllabus Week. In this week, you will get to learn what to expect for the semester ahead. However, here are some things you should know about Syllabus Week.

Easy Week

Not every Professor allows for a whole week for the syllabus to become ingrained into the minds of their students. Some professors will allow their students to leave early the first day, but for what are considered hard-core professors, expect full lessons on the second day. Syllabus Week may become Syllabus Day, and in case you are stuck with such a professor, check out the next tip.

8 Things You Should Know About Syllabus Week

Copy Syllabus

Make copies of our syllabus. The minute your first classes are over, make sure you make copies of each syllabus for each of your classes. One cannot know what can happen in the future, and because of this, it is best to take precautions. Make copies and put them somewhere you are sure to never forget. As for the original, carry them around with you for each of your classes. It ‘s best to have them on hand in case you need some reminders about due dates and tests.

8 Things You Should Know About Syllabus Week

Important Dates

Be sure to remember all the important dates that are on your syllabus. As a college student, you may have already bought a calendar to keep track of your semester. The syllabus as an important tool that is filled with information that you can write on your calendar for a better and clearer reminder.

Make Friends

Make friends in your classes. In college, the fleeting nature of friendships will reveal itself, and it is absolutely fine. Friends in college need not be friends for life. Some you might only know for that one class in one semester and never speak again. What you should do during Syllabus week is collect as many phone numbers form the class as possible and take part in networking with your classmates. There may be things that you or others miss, and it would be best to already know other students in your class as soon as possible. The longer you wait and the deeper into the semester you go, the more awkward it will be to strike up a conversation with your classmates, especially if talking to strangers or anyone causes you some anxiety.

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Ice Breakers

This nugget of knowledge seems to only qualify for a couple of freshman classes. Many intro classes will have professors that are still not bitter or cold against the wave of monogamous seeming students that come and go from their classes. Some professors may still enjoy teaching, and these lively few will almost definitely attempt to get to their students with a couple of icebreakers. You should be wary of these kinds of activities if you are more introverted. For others, however, these icebreakers may give you some idea of who you will be sending the next semester with and why you might want to strike up a conversation with after class in order to secure friends that may end up making the classes easier and more enjoyable. Either way, these icebreakers may hopefully end up delaying the actual lesson until the second week of classes.

8 Things You Should Know About Syllabus Week

Stay on your toes

The semester comes and goes and by the end of your first class, you may blink and realize you are already walking up the stage to receive your diploma. Appreciate the intentional slow start of Syllabus Week and get ready for the semester ahead. This cushion week is important in setting you up for the fast-paced life of college students and so be sure not to take it for granted and begin setting up the rest of the semester during Syllabus Week.

These are only a couple things you need to know for Syllabus Week. If you have any more things to say, please share them below.

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