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5 Things You Should Do Before Going Out On A Tinder Date

5 Things You Should Do Before Going Out On A Tinder Date

5 Things You Should Do Before Going Out on a Tinder Date

In the world of online dating and casual hookups, going on a date can seem a little arbitrary. However, with the use of dating apps like Tinder, it is easier than ever to meet new people. It can be a great thing to go out, but all the concerns like, “could he be a nutcase” or “what if she wants me to meet her parents already” go through everyone’s mind.  So, here are five things that you should do to prepare yourself for your Tinder date.

1. Decide to Meet at a Public Place

You don’t want the first Tinder date to be at your place with some random person that could kill you, you know? You want to meet at a cafe, restaurant, or shopping center where other people will be around. You also don’t want to pick the dive bar with cheap drinks that no one is at. Stick to more well-known places that are likely to have a small crowd, so if your Tinder date makes you feel like you have any reason for concern, you’re not worrying about being alone with them while walking to your car or waiting for your ride. Knowing that other people will be around will also calm your nerves and allow you to have a better time.

5 Things You Should Do Before a Tinder Date.

2. Tell Your Friends Where You Are Going

This may be another safety precaution that doesn’t feel necessary, but the old saying “better safe than sorry” takes precedent here. You are meeting someone you don’t know so you will want to take the safe route. If you go somewhere without letting anyone know where if anything were to happen, god forbid, then it is always better to have people know where you were and what you were doing. And, no I’m not just talking about your Tinder date turning out to be a crazy stalker or anything like that. But, if things don’t go well and you end up alone, it is always good to have someone know where to find you.

3. Be Ready to Spend Your Own Money

On an official date when a guy asks a girl out and invites her to his favorite restaurant, the guy will typically pick up the bill because he initiated the meeting. Or, vice-versa, when a woman asks a guy out, she should know that if she made the move, she pulls out her wallet. But, in the Tinder date era, things are usually a lot more casual. So, if you are ready for a more casual hang out with a guy you met on Tinder, then know that things should be split evenly. Buy your own burger and fries, or swipe your own card for drinks at the club. Whatever it is, be ready to pony up some dough.

Plus, if you two hang out with the intention of hooking up and the other person is picking up the tab for everything, it can start to feel awfully like an escort situation. Awkward! So, go Dutch and not Pretty Woman.

5 Things You Should Do Before Going On a Tinder Date.

4. Clean Your Apartment

No date wants to come home with you to find that your room looks like the apocalypse already came and devastated it. Even if you are just looking for a one night hook-up, this one is a must! You are not expecting this Tinder Date to be your one and only or anything, but human decency determines that a messy or dirty room shows that you don’t care that they’re with you. That sends a negative message to the person you’re with. And, if you’re trying to send the message that this is a one-time-only thing, it is the wrong way to do it.

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5 Things You Should Do Before a Tinder Date.

5. Be Prepared If You Are Going To Have Sex

Although not every date will end with sex, most people looking for a Tinder date know that it is known for hook-ups. So, if you know you probably will sleep with your date, then be prepared. Now, at the risk of sounding like someone’s mother, I will preface my thoughts by saying this; yes, go ahead and have sex! Tinder dates are usually meant to be a way to meet new people, and safely hook-up with others. Why not take advantage of that? The sexual liberation is upon us!

However, having unprotected sex, especially with multiple partners is not liberation. Not using a condom can lead to unwanted pregnancy, STDs, and a whole other slew of problems. So, before you decide to get into bed with a handsome stranger, make sure that you have condoms on hand.

In the new world of Tinder dates, the dos and don’ts can seem overwhelming. But, with these five tips, you can go into your next Tinder date as ready as ever. Let me know in the comments what you think of the list!
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