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Things You Should Buy At A Thrift Store

A thrift store is the least likely of places where you would expect to find good quality things but you never know what you can find. Thrift store been getting more attention because of hipster subculture (excuse my terrible definition). Things that are simple, feel homey, are from mainstream brands, or are different in a unique way are what people who shop in thrift stores are looking for.

It really is an interesting subculture once you get into it. The whole sustainable life might be something that’s for you. You do not have to quit shopping at other stores and shop only at thrift stores. There are things that you can definitely get for cheaper than you might not find elsewhere.

For example, I always enjoyed going to thrift store just to see what were the things people donate. I think it’s interesting to see what are the things other people own or who old these items might be. That another thing, that thrift store have items that could be years old but in decent quality.

If you do not shop at thrift stores or simply are clueless about the things you can find here are somethings you can totally find for a great deal.

Pottery and Picture Frames

Cups, vases, plates, or pots are something that you will always find at thrift store. Mostly because this is a common household items that people buy often that will either start taking up space or the owner would simply get bored of. Vases and cups can be as cheap as 25 cents. If you enjoy arts and crafts reusing or redecorating these items is an exciting idea.

If you are someone who loves to store memories in photo albums you would know the struggle of trying to find picture frames at a reasonable price. You can find picture frames that are bigger than six by four inches and that are as big as 27 x 41 inches. You can buy bigger picture frames at a much cheaper price but in case if the frames are poor quality you can always decorate or repaint them into something that is unique to your specific tastes.


Anything from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings pretty much any jewelry you can find at a thrift store. You will be surprised at the things you can find at a thrift store, it can be really neat things. The things that you can find are not a good quality you can reuse or use some part of these jewelry in other ways.

For example the beads of a necklace can be use for making bracelets or earrings. It can help you to find creative ways to make your own DIY ideas or simply save money. Maybe a necklace has a pendant that you can use as a keychain or the beads could be sewed onto the outlines of a jean jacket.


You will find original artworks at thrift store that probably aren’t a Picasso original but originals nonetheless. If you need an art decoration for your living room or bed room than you can definitely find a painting at the thrift store. If the paintings are not in condition then you can replace the frame or have it restored.

As an idea you can also find ways to paint over these drawings or glue decorative accessories like gemstones to them. If you are an art collector or jump paint yourself then you can definitely find interesting things here.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have made a comeback for the last ten years or so. People how enjoy the sound of vinyl records better will be in paradise when they get to see the abundance of vinyl records that thrift store have. I have looked at the collection of vinyl records at thrift store myself and do not know any of the bands or singers but it’s a good way to look at the musical history of the past.

Vinyl records themselves can be a great way to decorate your room that is if you are into the retro, vintage, and hipster vibes. The best way to decorate a room with vinyl records is by simply hanging them up the wall or having them placed around the room. If you haven’t listened to vinyl records before then it a good place to start.


If you are a bookworm or if you enjoy an occasionally good book then you will definitely benefit from the thrift store. Thrift store have everything from novels, children’s, national graphical magazines, puzzles, or dictionaries that you can find for dirt cheap. Everything from 25 cents to five dollars. You can find good reads that you can add to your bookshelf, read while on the bus, or give as a gift.

See Also

You can learn a lot from reading that can teach you patience, knowledge, and wisdom. Reading books can teach you to see things from several perspectives and multiple realities that can give you wisdom.

Purses and suitcases

There are a wide selection of purses that you can pick from at thrift stores. If you need something nice to wear for you evening out with your girlfriends or to the afternoon date then you can definitely a nice purse to wear. The things about thrifted purses is that the quality of the purses can last you a long time.
If you plan a weekend trip out of town you can find a practical carryon bag.

It really depends if you are able to find a decent quality suitcase that won’t rip or that is not stained too much. Suitcases can be expensive and obviously a thrift won’t have good quality ones. But it you are low maintenance then shopping at a thrift store is your best bet.

Board Games

You can collect several good board games that you can use for get togethers with friends. When people are done with board games or often times bored with them they get rid of them.

If you have time to shop at a thrift store than I would highly recommend it. There are good deals that you can get from shopping here. Whether you shop to save money or simply to find good things to reuse than you won’t regret shopping here.

A thrift store might not have the place you would have imagined finding interesting things you would need but it does not hurt to try. Let us know what were some of the things you found while shopping!

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