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10 Things You Should Be Prepared For At A College Party

10 Things You Should Be Prepared For At A College Party

As we all know, college parties are packed with fun and adventure. Attending college parties allows you to create lasting memories with friends and possibly make new relationships. You also would want to feel as relaxed and comfortable at the party as well. Ultimately, you definitely want to be prepared for anything if situations go sideways, regardless if this is your first college party or if you’re a well-known party animal.  Here are a handful of tips you can demonstrate at a college party.

Dress To Impress

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting together those comfortable pair of jeans with a graphic tee or a sundress with sandals. You should not feel pressured to wear anything that would make you feel any or more bare. You don’t have to find expensive fits for a college party as well. Just be yourself and dress however way you want.

Be Open To Meeting New People

College parties are one of the easiest ways to meet new people and have lasting memories and blooming friendships that can go on for a long time. If this is your first experience at a party, try to stay as close to your friends. Try to be as decent and polite when meeting new people. Don’t be a jerk or put on an act of being cocky. You’ll be surprised by how many people who have similar interests like yours.


Participate In Games

Don’t just stand around and not join in party games. Party games help pass time and bring in an exciting vibe for participants of the games. There are games that require the use of alcohol and there are also some games that don’t. Games that require alcohol like beer pong, you can play solo if you’d like or pair up with someone to heighten the fun. Also, if drinking alcohol isn’t your party, you can have water or fruit punch instead.

Have A Bathroom Buddy

It’s essential to have your close friends who are down to give you a helping hand when you need to excuse yourself to the restroom at the party. Especially if you are not sober, making a trip to the restroom can suddenly become a two-person job. Hopefully, you and the bathroom buddy would be able to support one another when it’s needed.


Your Phone Needs To Have Full Battery

A fully charged battery will ensure that you aren’t stuck at a party if you and your friends need a ride home. Try to refrain from using social media sites if your phone eats away at the battery life while using social media apps.

There Will Be A Mess And Junk Almost Everywhere

This is another reason why you shouldn’t put together expensive outfits together for a party. From open bottles of alcohol, abandoned spills of God knows what to mushy finger food. It’s inevitable that some stain or liquids could catch your clothes throughout the night. This happens to literally everyone and anyone so you’re not the only one who has fallen victim to things like this. 


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It Gets Warmer

When you’re doing your thing at the party, there will be more people coming in and out of the building so it does eventually get warmer because of everyone is full of energy and so much body heat. Don’t forget that there are those guests who are already pretty drunk or tipsy. Especially if it is already crammed and packed in the living room and balcony. 


Eat A Good Meal

It’s never good to skip a meal just because you’re hyped about a party. Consuming alcohol before eating is a one-way ticket to have a potential hangover the next morning. 

It’s Okay To Say No

Whether it comes to flirty games or drinking, do not ever feel that you have to do everything that others are doing to fit in. You can still have fun without the drinking and go on about the night without doing anything that’ll take you out of your comfort zone. You are a guest and you’re there to have fun. Not to be a daredevil and put on a show to humiliate yourself.

Enjoy Yourself!

This is the most important thing that everyone should witness at a college party. So join in on the fun and do not let inhibitions stop you in your tracks.


Here are just a couple of things to keep in mind when preparing for a college party. If you guys have any other ways to prepare for a college party, comment them below.

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