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8 Things You Should Always Have In Your School Bag

8 Things You Should Always Have In Your School Bag

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Knowing what to have in your school can be tough. Some women have their lives totally put together and know exactly what they need to bring with them to school each day. Other women are completely clueless as to what they should carry in their bags at all times. We are here to help you out with some tips, so that you don’t find yourself in need of something during an emergency. Here is a list of eight things you should always have in your school bag.

1. Pads/Tampons

For the ladies out there, these are necessary to have in your bag at all times. Sometimes are periods come right on schedule and sometimes they come as a bit of a surprise. It’s best to be prepared just in case and hey, you never know when a friend or classmate may need to borrow a tampon from you.

2. Hair elastics

If you’re ever try to concentrate in class or walking through class on a hot or humid day, you might find yourself wanting to put your hair up and out of your way so that it doesn’t bother you. Throw it up in a messy ponytail or bun and get on with your day.


3. Extra pens and/or pencils

You never know when your favorite pencil might break or your favorite pen will run out of ink, so be sure to pack backups. There’s a lot of note taking involved in college and if you don’t bring an ipad or laptop to class with you, you are going to need something to write with. This is something you should definitely have in your school bag.

4. Notebook

It’s always best to have a notebook for each class to take down your notes in. Rather than having one notebook for all your classes, divide them up to stay more organized. You’ll thank yourself for doing so later when it comes time to study for your midterm and final.

5. iPad or Laptop

For those classes that require iPads or for those of you who prefer taking notes digitally than on a piece of paper, an iPad or laptop is necessary to keep in your school bag every day. What’s great about many modern laptops these days is that they are super thin, which makes them easy to carry with you.

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6. Highlighters

For those of you taking notes the old fashioned way with a pen and paper, be sure to pack some highlighters with you in your school bag to highlight important parts of the notes you take down. This will make for easier studying later and you’ll be glad you had the highlighters when you did.

7. Phone charger

If you have long days at school, it would be smart to pack your phone charger to either charge on campus or in your car. The last thing you need at school is a dead phone, am I right? You should always have this in your school bag just in case of emergency.


8. Headphones

For the times you are walking through campus by yourself and don’t want anyone to bother you, make sure you pack your headphones in your school bag to listen to music while you head to your next class.

Did these tips on what you should keep in your school bag help you out? What do you have in your school bag? Let us know in the comments!
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