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10 Things You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

10 Things You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

10 Things You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

There’s a good reason why women love to carry a purse at all times, and why they come in all shapes and sizes. The purpose of a good purse is to carry all your essentials like money, keys, and your phone. It might sound pretty basic, but if that’s all you ever needed, purses may as well be a lot smaller. Since we are all human, we have a tendency to find ourselves with minor problems every day. A lot of these simple problems have simple solutions and they could all be fixed by what you carry in your bag every day, whether it’s a designer purse or plain tote bag. Here are ten things you should always carry in your purse.

1. The basics, of course

This one is probably a no-brainer but your wallet, keys, and cell phone should be the first things in your purse. You really won’t get far without them.

2. Your make-up bag

We all have those days where we miss our alarm a few times and have to run out of the house without even applying lipstick, let alone a full made up face. This is when having a small make-up bag in your purse with all your essentials comes in handy. Even if you do wake up on time to do all your steps in your bathroom, it never hurts to carry your make up bag in case you need to reapply throughout the day.

10 Things You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

3. An unperishable snack

Sometimes those unexpected meetings at work come up like pop quizzes, and maybe you skipped your lunch already to get some extra work done. Keeping a few snacks in your purse every day can really be a life-saver and prevent your stomach from embarrassing you in the middle of a meeting or class. Prepacked crackers or granola bars are great because they don’t go bad too quickly!

4. A mini umbrella

This one really depends on how the weather looks before you head out, but I always like to carry an umbrella in my purse on days when the clouds look even a tad bit menacing, even if there is only a slight chance of rain. Nothing is worse than taking the time to do your hair especially nice and then get rained on a few minutes later!

10 Things You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

5. A pocket-sized sewing kit

This has been a true lifesaver on a number of occasions, so I always advise carrying a pocket-sized sewing kit in your purse. You never know when a button is randomly going to come off your shirt on an important day or a small seam suddenly becomes loose. Even if you never need it, I bet you someone might be having one of those days and they’ll thank you for having one around!

6. A stain removal pen

Another unfortunate but very likely scenario is getting a small coffee or pen stain on your freshly dry-cleaned clothes and you don’t have time to go change. This is why you should always carry a stain removal pen in your purse. Chances are you may not always use it, but you’re better off not being without one just in case.

10 Things You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

7. A notepad and pen

Another pretty simple tip to always carry around is a pen and notepad for those special days when your phone decides to act up but you really need to give someone your number or jot down something you need to remember later.

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8. A sample of your favorite perfume

Perfume is something you don’t necessarily need to reapply throughout the day but it never hurts to have some on hand for when you forget to spray some at the beginning of the day. You don’t need to carry a whole bottle in your bag, so just ask for a few samples when you stock up on your favorites!

10 Things You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

9. A reasonable amount of cash

Another complete lifesaver for those worst-case-scenarios. Occasionally you may forget your credit card at home or (hopefully not) you lose your whole wallet! It really helps to keep a little cash in one of those pockets of your purse that you forget about. It’s always a pleasant surprise to find extra cash when you really need it.

10. An extra phone charger

Your phone basically has everything on it, from your schedule, phone book, uber app, etc. You can’t imagine your life without it. But everyone has those days where you completely forget to charge your phone the night before. So always carry an extra charger in your purse, you don’t want to risk going the whole day with only ten percent of battery left!

10 Things You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

Is there something you always have in your purse that has helped you out in a tight situation? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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