10 Things You Only Understand If You Went To A Private High School

From the God awful uniforms to the never ending gossip, these are some things you can probably relate to if you went to a private high school.

Going from a public elementary school to a private middle and high school can really switch things up. After attending a private school for 8 years, small classes, religious services, and college prep classes are just a way of life. These are some things you can probably relate to if you went to a private high school.

1. Uniforms… Need I say more?

You had no idea how to dress yourself the first day you went to class without having to wear a uniform.

2. The people in your class were… well, “privileged,” you could say.

Everyone drove up to school with a new BMW the day after their 16th birthday. You don’t need a dictionary to define a trust-fund baby. 

3. Your high school’s gym was nicer than your state’s capitol building.

And you wonder where all of your tuition money went…


4. You knew the morning’s juiciest gossip by second period. People knew everything.

“Yeah so Josh and Rachel had a thing, but then Kevin made out with Rachel and Lindsey keyed her car. But don’t tell anybody, it’s a secret.”

5. Your Bible teacher was also your basketball coach, the dean of students, geography teacher, preacher, and had a degree in astrology.

They taught you everything from how to use a tampon from how to the Pythagorean Theorem.

6. The “bad kids” at your school got kicked out and ended up at public school after attending every other private school in town.

You thought private school kids were more goody goody than public school kids. Ha. You were wrong. 

7.  The moms… Worst than the high schoolers sometimes? #lmk


8. Your friends at your school’s rival school were some of your worst enemies but also best friends.

And then when it was time for your high school dance and the lame guys at your school wouldn’t ask you, you had to ask the guy you barely knew from the rival school. Awkward.

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9. You wore UGGs and a North Face to school if your mom told you it was going to be colder than 45 degrees outside.

It was just a way of life. I bet you really like Starbucks too.

10. You were enrolled into your school as a kindergartner. Needless to say, new kids were a huge deal and it was like a funeral if someone moved.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink!” And then you have to catch on to their weird trends and habits.

11. And #11 just for good measure… You grew up around some of the most caring and encouraging faculty, staff, parents, and friends.

You’re thankful that they’re the family you never had and some of your teachers might still even follow your life via social media.

Whatta sweetheart he/she is posting “Happy Birthday,” on my page. :>

Do you know any other signs you went to a private high school? Let us know in the comments below!
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