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5 Things You Only Understand If You Live In WAJ at VT

5 Things You Only Understand If You Live In WAJ at VT

Between the four house system, the ball pit, or the never-ending stream of weird events, West Ambler Johnston proves to be a residence hall experience unique from any other on the Virginia Tech campus. Maybe you’ve gone to every house event and made your best friends there, or maybe, you’ve been counting down the minutes until that two-year contract burns out and you can move off-campus. Regardless, if you survive or live in WAJ at VT, you definitely know the following things:

Did you Live in WAJ at VT?

1. Everyone has dorm envy because WAJ has air conditioning.

“Wait, so you guys get air conditioning?” Thanks to WAJ being one of the only air-conditioned res halls on campus, people tend to get a little bit sour thinking about their own omni-present box fans whirring in their dorm. However, don’t let any one else’s jealousy get in the way of enjoying a crisp 67 degree room when it’s 90 degrees out in the Blacksburg sun.


It is so fun to Live in WAJ at VT!

2. You have no excuse not to work out because you have a gym downstairs.

Even if you’ve never stepped foot on a treadmill, you love telling people that you have a fitness room just downstairs. Despite being about as well-equipped as a fitness room at a hotel, and you probably only use it once a semester, its still nice to know that you can easily get in a work out whenever you want. (Even though McComas is only a 2-minute walk, but who needs to walk that far when you can just take the elevator to the lobby?)


3. You find it both a blessing and a curse that you’re living with all graduating classes.

Since people of all grades live in WAJ, you get to know a lot of people you otherwise wouldn’t. As a freshman, living with sophomores, juniors, and seniors is both a blessing and a curse.


On one hand, they can help you with all the #freshmanprobs you’re guaranteed to encounter. On the other hand, it can be a bit of a challenge to get to know other freshmen when you don’t live around them exclusively.

Also, if you’re an upperclassman living in WAJ, you tend to feel a little bit like this:

4. You feel kinda cool pretending you live at Hogwarts.

In case VT’s campus didn’t remind you enough of Hogwarts, West Ambler Johnston features a similar four house system, divided by floor. There’s Holly, Hawthorn, Honey-Locust, and Hickory, each with their own colors and mascots. Events are held in order to earn points, and at the end of the year, a House Cup is awarded to the house with the most points.

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5. Hogwarts or not, your house is like your family.

Regardless of what house you find yourself in, your house at West AJ is like a family. Unlike other Living-Learning Communities on campus, WAJ doesn’t just house one major or field. People from all parts of the VT community are welcome. Despite our countless interests, there’s always people you can find common ground with. Your house not only encompasses your neighbors, but some of the people you’ll get closest to during your time living there. It’s impossible to live in dorm with such a heavy focus on building community and not make a few friends along the way!



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