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15 Things You Only Understand If You Live In PV West at ASU Tempe

15 Things You Only Understand If You Live In PV West at ASU Tempe


Whether you have lived or currently live in PV West at ASU Tempe, there are certain things only you and the other students who live there with you are able to understand. You loved it even if it sucked because it was your first dorm and to be honest, it was pretty amazing! The furniture, the people and the experience! Keep reading for 15 things you only understand if you live in PV West at ASU Temple!

Things you only understand if you live in PV West at ASU Tempe!

1. Waiting for the elevator at PV West at ASU Tempe takes forever…

2. Therefore, taking the stairs down is always the best way to go!

I lived on the 6th floor so it was worth it and saved a lot of time!

3. Watching people wait for the elevator and then get off at the second floor bugs you.

4. A lot of events are hosted on PV “Beach” so that means easy access to the fun stuff for you!


5. You make a lot of engineering friends since your dorm is so close to theirs.

6. You leave your door open if you are listening to music and you want your fellow hall mates to join in.

The classic college movie where everyone has their dorm open to make new friends was totally possible.


7. You are thankful you don’t have a community bathroom.

That means no shower shoes for you (depending on your roommates and the frequency in which it was cleaned) but…

8. You always have toilet paper or you never had toilet paper.

I was the only one who would buy it in my dorm and it sucked.

9. Your CMs always plan floor meetings at the worst time and make them mandatory.

Like, “Hello I am busy getting ready to go out at 7:30 so if we could wrap this up that would be great!” but the meetings always take just a little too long to be satisfactory.

10. You live in one of the most diverse dorms based on your major so you’ve met a lot of cool people.

My roommate was a film studies major with a minor in French, I am Geology major, and my suite mates were womens’ studies and poetry majors… so it was a very diverse set of interests!

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11. When you have to use the community kitchen you remember that you hate to because it is always a mess.

My floor’s fridge was something straight out of nightmares… my body is cringing thinking about it.


12. If you have a room next to a stairwell it is decently bigger and a nicer shape than all the others.

I was so fortunate as to have a stairwell room.


13. You love how close you are to palm walk…just a bridge away!

14. Nights entail laying out on PV Beach to watch the sunset or exploring Mill Ave because of how close you are!

15. You love having a shared walk-in closet.

So much shoe space and room for you, your roommate, her floor length mirror and, a shoe rack, plastic bins, and luggage storage for each of you!

What else do you only know if you live in PV West at ASU Tempe? Comment below and share this article with friends.

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