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12 Things you Only Understand If You Grew Up In Vancouver Washington

If you grew up in Vancouver Washington, you’re familiar with the fact that no one knows where it is. Nope, not Vancouver Canada. You’ll also relate to these 12 things.

No, we are not from Canada. No, we are not from D.C.. And no, we are not from Nevada.

“Where are you from?” This is a question that makes us laugh because as long as it takes to explain where we live, you probably could have fallen asleep. In conversation with anyone not from Washington, all people seem to hear is Vancouver and their mind immediately jumps to Canada! A common saying we have when introducing where we live is “I’m from Vancouver not B.C., Washington not D.C., Clark county not in Nevada, near Portland Oregon not Maine.”

Portland is a love hate relationship.

Portland is the step sister of Vancouver. Sure, everyone knows where Portland is, but we have a certain pride about where we live and don’t want to be completely affiliated with Portland. Although having a big city so close is awesome in terms of adventuring and good food… Vancouver Washington people take great pride in not being affiliated with Portland.

Everything is green and a mountain is always in sight.

Vancouver Washington is BEAUTIFUL! It rains almost year-round but it is so worth it to have everything around us surrounded in green.


@eastcoast… there is no R in Washington friends.

Travel time isn’t set in stone.

Getting somewhere could take 10 minutes… it could also take an hour depending on where you are going. How other cars are driving on the road determine it all.

The pizza sign flipping guy on 4th plain is a hero to all sign flippers.

Anyone driving on 4th plain the past 6-7 years have all seen this nameless guy. He just flips that pizza sign, headphones in, with excellence and always waves to passing cars.

The odds of you running into someone you know while you’re out and about are very high.

Is it possible to be at a grocery store without running into someone you know? Big Als? The Mall? Connections seem to come left and right, even if the person you see is a friend of a friend.

What’s snow?

It snows about once a year bringing a few inches and everyone loses their mind. Fun Fact: School gets canceled when snow is mentioned, regardless if it actually snows or not. Another fun fact: schools do not have boilers that support extremely cold winters. If it gets below freezing, schools are canceled because the boilers break down and legally the school districts cannot keep students due to low temperatures indoors.

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You must dress for any weather to occur at any time during the day.

The mornings may be 35 degrees with heavy rain pour and the afternoons could be 65 and sunny. You never quiet know what you’re going to get! You learn to dress in layers that suit any weather type.

Rain is normal.

Seasonal depression is very common and the sun does not shine often, however… GREEN TREES EVERYWHERE!

Summer time go to activities.

Fire pits, lake activities (this includes cliff jumping), hikes, movies or bowling… otherwise what else is there really? You got to get REALLY creative to break out of these go to activities. Life may be a bit simple but it’s full of content if you find the right group of people to spend time with.

We have a little bit of everything.

You can drive to the beach or a mountain within 2 hours. You can be in the rural country side or a huge city in 10 minutes. The close proximity of everything is perfect for adventuring and a part of what makes Vancouver so unique!

Let us know what you think of these 12 signs you grew up in Vancouver Washington in the comments below!
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