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12 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up In Seattle

Seattle is a special place and there are just some things you wouldn’t understand unless you grew up in Seattle. Here are 12 of those things.

There aren’t torrential downpours all day, every day.

While Seattle is amongst the top states in the country for highest total yearly precipitation, we actually don’t live in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where it’s pouring 24/7. Additionally, it’s also perfectly acceptable to walk in the rain without an umbrella. Mind the other 3 seasons that could magically appear. It’s a common occurrence to get rain, hail, snow, and sunshine within the same hour.

Seattle Dogs Give You LIFE.

Cream cheese and grilled onions on a hot dog is the only thing. Especially after boozing on Cap Hill. Ten points extra if you get it with Sriracha. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Not everyone is addicted to or likes Starbucks, but they sure do have a Starbucks reward membership.

Ask any Sonic fan their feelings about Starbucks and you’ll get a mixed reaction. The diehards will actively throw away gift cards because Howard Schultz ruined Seattle’s chance of having an NBA team. To this day Seattle doesn’t have a team. At the end of the day, any real coffee drinker will have their go to coffee shop, and it’s most likely not Starbucks.

On the subject of sports, you’ll never find more apathetic fans than ones in Seattle.

We can’t get our hopes up. We’re just realistic and until the Seahawks started being good, we knew that winning was something that could or could not happen. We just weren’t going to bank on it.

You might have been growing up in South Seattle poor or called an “inner city” youth but nowadays you might be lucky to be growing up in Seattle at all.

Home and rental prices have skyrocketed due to Amazon and other companies importing humans from other cities to work here. Yeah, it’s great to have a rich economy but Seattleites are relatively easy-going people and we’re slowly morphing into intense road ragers. You might have seen the Craiglist ad begging people to not move here.

A Dick’s Deluxe is the only thing you need in life. Along with a strawberry milkshake.

Also, now that they take credit cards, it’s game over. The fact that Dick’s hasn’t raised their prices EVER, makes the most economically delicious meal on the planet.

The Seattle Freeze is…only slightly exaggerated.

I don’t know you, so no, I’m probably not just going to say hi or wave. Because that’s weird and you might be a psycho trying to kill me.

It’s not “Rain-eer” it’s “Ron-yay.”

If you don’t know, now you know. However, don’t come to a function and not be ready to talk about beer. We may like beer being cheap but it shouldn’t taste cheap too.

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You might have always dreaded school starting, but September meant you could “Do The Puyallup!”

Every year there is a staple fair now dubbed “Washington State Fair.” Carnival games, fried Twinkies (fried butter for those feeling extra frisky), and animals. This was the one place where you could potentially milk a cow and it was kind of cool.

2 inches of snow on the ground? SNOW DAY!

As a child this was the best news, yeah all you Midwesterners want to rag on us for not being able to drive in the snow, but we have HILLS…and a lot of front wheel drive cars. *COUGH* PRIUS *COUGH*

You’re either from Eastside or not.

The snobbery is pretty palpable. As laid back as Seattle is what with the weed and music movements we’ve had, the Eastside is a pretty stark contrast. The only nice things about the Eastside are the schools. If you want your child to be smart and a snob, look no further.

You would never live anywhere else.

Even though we visit fantastic places, Seattle will always be home. Rain, hail, and all. It’s just home, the fresh air is pretty unbeatable compared to other big cities and you just know what to expect. There isn’t any cause for concern of insincerity from your neighbor – you either like each other or don’t.

What do you think of these things you only understand if you grew up in Seattle? Let us know in the comments below!
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