12 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up in Middletown Delaware

Growing up a in little town, sometimes can be a curse and at other times can be the best thing ever. Here are 12 things you'll only understand if you grew up in Middletown Delaware

Someone once asked me if Delaware was in Maryland, and I have to say that, that was the lowest point of my life when it came to telling people where I was from. Most people don’t even know Delaware is the first state, let alone that it is a state at all. Growing up a in little town sometimes can be a curse, and at other times, can be the best thing ever. Here are 12 things you’ll only understand if you grew up in Middletown Delaware:

12. If you think a Monday night is boring then you’ve never experienced a night in Middle town, Delaware.

When I say there is nothing to do, there is truly nothing to do. The movies are too expensive, the mall is too far.


The most cringing thing to both highschoolers and college students.

10. The town of Middletown is so small that most people are either related to each other or know each other.

You are sure to run into someone that you know whether or not you actually want to see them.

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9. Now, let’s talk about the sad excuse for a snow day… one inch of snow, one patch of ice = SNOW DAY.

But, then five feet of snow… negative 10 degrees, it’s fine you can drive in a blizzard.

8. Senior week… something that occurs every single year at Dewy Beach.

Something that apparently doesn’t occur anyone else except for Delaware and Maryland.

7. The Dunkins’ closes at 8…

the pizza places close at 9 and then the only thing left open is Walmart.

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6. You can’t date someone from your high school…

You have to date someone from another state because – everyone just talks.

5. UD.

Everybody goes to UD after high school… and then you just see the same people every day of your life.

4. Everyone that lives in Delaware has once in their life gotten the stereotypical “are you a farmer” question.

3. A traffic jam is ten cars stuck on main street.

traffic jam GIF

2. The fact that one minute it can be 10 degrees and snowing and then the next, it’s sunny and 75.

1. The fact that if you’ve always lived in Delaware, you want to leave and never come back.

Let us know down below if you grew up in Middletown Delaware!


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