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12 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up In Lake George, NY

I grew up in Lake George, NY, a small town in upstate New York town. It is known as the Queen of American Lakes and it is, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here are 12 things only someone who grew up here would understand.

1. The small class sizes.

I graduated with a class of 62 students and if that doesn’t say small, I don’t know what does.

2. Your Instagram feed is all lake pictures in the summertime.

Nothing beats showing the world that you own a boat, right? Or, that you are in love with where you live!

3. The questions you get from tourists make you question people’s ability of common sense.

They usually never know what is happening and ask you a million questions that you HAVE to answer.

4. The hikes you go on have amazing views.

There are so many beautiful places to hike in this area that showcase how beautiful the lake is.

5. Trying to run through the streets in the summer is like entering Times Square on Christmas.

Don’t even try to exercise near the lake because it is nearly impossible during the summer. The streets are flooded with tourists who don’t know where they are going.

6. Lake George Youth Commission was the place you spent most of your summer days as a young child.

If you grew up in Lake George, NY , you probably attended LGYC at least once in your childhood.

7. Martha’s Dandee Creme is okay with every meal or by itself as a meal.

The best ice cream in the world, no questions asked.

8. Thursday night fireworks.

You will eventually get sick of fireworks in the summer, I promise you that.

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9. All you hear during finals week are the motorcycles from Americade.

Americade always happens to be during finals week at the High School there is no escaping it.

10. Don’t drive through the outlets during the summer unless you want to sit in traffic for the rest of your life.

You will suddenly feel like you are driving through New York City because traffic is basically a standstill all summer long. It should be avoided at all costs.

11. Everyday you have Mr. C as a substitute teacher is an awesome day.

When you grew up in Lake George, NY, he was the best substitute that ever walked through the doors of Lake George High.

12. You know the Minne Ha Ha is coming or leaving by the tune it plays because you know it by heart.

The song it plays will always be recognizable.

What are some other things someone who grew up in Lake George, NY would only understand? Share  in the comments below!
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