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12 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up In Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

12 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up In Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad Uttar Pradesh in India is a very traditional and conservative place. Here are things you will only understand if you grew up in or live in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh!

Here are 12 things you only understand if you grew up in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh!

12 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up In Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

1. It is considered a plain but is actually a very large island surrounded by rivers on all sides.

The reason why Allahabad is very safe to Earthquakes, is because it lies on shock absorbing ground.

2. That eating out is not a very common phenomenon with general citizens.

They love home food. Non-vegetarian food is a very rare commodity to get in Allahabad, and if you are getting it somehow, it’s very expensive.

3. That you are living in a city with extreme weather conditions; spine chilling cold, stormy noisy rains and humid sweltering heat.

You become the most powerful people in terms of physical strength if you can bear all of that.

4. When the marriage season appears and it appears almost 200 days out of 365 , marriage processions can stall you on the road for 1 hour to 4 hours depending on your luck.

Policing doesn’t work here, presence of mind does. This does not include the other 65 days of various Indian festivals such as Holi , Diwali , Ganga Pujan , Dussehra , Kumbh Mela months. So if you don’t have the patience when travelling on Allahabad roads, only God can help you.

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5. Allahabad is the headquarter to many religious groups, such as: Protestant North Indian Christians , The Catholic Diocese Northern Part , The Hindu Holy Pilgrimage Sangam Point, and a stop over point to Buddhist religious place Sarnath.

Allahabad people of whichever religion or faith are very conservative. It goes with the academic culture in Allahabad. You can’t shout and learn at the same time. Isn’t it ?

6. Almost every third citizen of Allahabad is a student.

Students as early as five years in age may come and rent a room with an elder brother of around 14 from the nearby villages, such is the thirst to obtain education and scientific knowledge. Breakfast at a cost of a quarter of a dollar is available if you have the guts to be at the right place. Allahabad produces many leaders, judges, civil servants every year, such is the educational striving that occurs in Allahabad.

7. Allahabad has 8 Universities, 21 Colleges in Higher Education, and almost 33 Schools within its city limits.

Almost all the city dwellers earn through education and educational support services. We can say education is the biggest business of Allahabad.

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8. Home to many orphanages , blind schools , elder homes , Ngos Allahabad is a place where family systems collapse very fast.

Even in a world as modern as today abandoning a girl child is the order of the day. Mental sickness is a very common problem with the people of Allahabad. Depression , schizophrenia , sex outrage, etc., are very common here.

9. Religion rules much ahead of logic here.

So if you are coming to Allahabad, come for a religious understanding. Allahabad people don’t like ideas of the modern world. Very disciplined dressing, very controlled behavior, no talking too much to anyone and you will be safe. One should visit Allahabad only when under his or her Government radar area. Free frequenting is very dangerous here. Don’t look for the modern India in Allahabad as many tabloids or websites may propagate, Allahabad is a religious conservative traditional Indian village , where anything foreign is either pressed or erased. Not for people with moderate liberal views. Don’t be attracted by the sweet tongued mediators, they are just doing business.

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10. Students of the area excel in mathematics, physics, sciences in general.

This is an extraordinary phenomenon. You can see a 5 year old verbally totaling up 10 prices of ten different articles, and will give you the answer within 30 seconds at max. No doubt computer sales in Allahabad are extremely meager. Mathematical understanding of these citizens results in excellent engineers , architects , scientists and computer programmers.

Did you grow up Allahabad Uttar Pradesh? Let us know down below!

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