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21 Things You Only Understand If You Go To UTD

21 Things You Only Understand If You Go To UTD

You know you’re from UT Dallas when you’re uniqueness has been welcomed without a question. You know you’re from UTD when you’ve had to commute after your passive freshman year of dorm life and wake to the everyday struggle finding a place to park becomes as much a priority as showing up to class. One of the many good things about UT Dallas is its ability to welcome a student body from all walks of life. Yet there are particular things that just scream UTD wherever you are. Keep reading for 20 things you only understand if you go to UTD!

1. We’re still waiting on our football team…

2. Meeting at the Spirit Rock is a rite of passage.

3. You are a proud Comet and you know how to Whoosh!

4. Be present and ready because Orientation Week = free food everywhere.

5. You WILL get a parking ticket the real question is when?


6. Get the royal treatment and be down for a free massage during finals week.

7. The Mermaid building is a place of mystery.

8. The chess team is legendary, they’re our sports team.

9. Our mascot Temoc is Comet spelled backwards.

10. A parking spot is a treasure, stay there until you have to go home.

11. One must experience class in the Fishbowl located in the Green building.

12. The green, yellow, orange and gold parking spots are not interchangeable no matter if you’re an art major.

13. During a storm, McDermott Library is the safest.

14. Founders Commons is the place to get stuff done, NOT McDermott Lab, which is usually loud.

15. No judgement if you happen to bring your unicycle.


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16. No need to stay out in the cold, you can travel through half of campus without going outside.

17. All questions are answered as long as you ask…

18. Every professor is practically Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus.

19. The campus is growing and it has become a fact of life that there will always be construction.

20. Thanks to that construction now there’s MORE THAN ONE place to get coffee…WOOHOO!!!

21. The Galaxy Portal WILL be down when you need it the most!!


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