20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To UNH

Every university has their inside jokes and places that makes their school unique. Whether you are an alumni, senior leaving very soon or an incoming freshman you will soon learn how to work your way around campus. There are so many things you only understand if you go to UNH! Keep reading to see how many you can relate to!

1. Finding Coffee Cravings.

This may be the most delicious and most difficult coffee truck to find on the entire planet, but it is so worth it! The truck is usually in the same place every time but since it is so small it travels to different locations and finding it is the mystery. But you know you made it at UNH when you get your white square sticker that says “Coffee Cravings.”

2. Late night at Philly.

Whether you skipped out on dinner because nothing at the dining hall was good or it’s 10 o’clock and you feel like having pancakes Philly is the place to go. Late night is probably one of the best things on campus and you grab your friends and ignore all the voices in your head screaming “freshman 15.” You eat those pancakes and enjoy life.

3. Love/hate relationship with Wild Kitty.

You either found this place by luck or heard about it from upperclassman going on and on about the waffle fries they had after that party on Saturday night and how it saved their soul. So you gave it a try and fell in love with it the moment you smelled those mozz sticks. Now you find yourself their twice a week and finally understanding what people mean when they say “they hate to love it.”

4. Waiting for the bus from the Gables to main part of campus.

Planning your morning out 15 minutes early just to make sure you get on the bus to the main part of campus is the ultimate struggle an upperclassman can relate to at UNH. It’s so bad the busses are filled some mornings and you have to wait for the next round to come back, and you debate walking and dying of frostbite or sweating to death, or eh miss class just today.


5. 99 cent slice at DHOP.

After you’ve spent your life savings at wild kitty cheap greasy pizza is the next best thing. Stumbling down Main Street in your outfit that took hours to put together holding onto your friends hand for dear life as you order your cheesy pizza. You realize the pizza tastes like heaven on earth, upperclassman have never tasted something so good.


6. The dreaded hill by the side of the library.

You may think you’re in great shape, and maybe you are but if you’re a student at UNH you know the last part of the hill is probably the worst thing to ever encounter. You may be putting one foot in front of the other but it sure doesn’t feel like it and you see people coming so you act like you’re a pro. You know what I’m talking about.

7. Go to sledding hill with the wagon.

When you come back from winter break and classes are canceled for the day you pile in some cars and take to the hill with the wagon and pretend exams, presentations and papers don’t exist and you’re five years old again.

8. Rubbing the wildcats nose for good luck.

You either did this as a freshman when you were touring or at orientation and heard all the rumors about the good luck it will bring you and how it’s tradition.

9. The best milkshakes at the Dairy Bar.

The only walk that’s really worth it for a milkshake is at the Dairy Bar, that’s just a fact of life.

10. Regular Police visits at Stoke on the weekends.

You either pull yourself together real quick when you’re on your walk back home from a night out with friends when you see the police spotted outside of Stoke or you laugh at the kids who didn’t make the best decisions that night. Either way you know the weekend visits by the police to Stoke are not something to press your luck with.

11. Long walks to your farthest class in the snow.

The dreaded winter is coming and walking to your farthest class is something everyone at UNH is not looking forward to. But you know by now put your hood up and head down and walk to class and think of happier times; laying on the beach in the summer time.

12. Knowing when to avoid the dinner rush at Hoco.

Even if you don’t know now you do, avoid 6:30- 6:50 dinner at Hoco. Plant your night around when you want to eat dinner otherwise you will be circling for hours trying to find a place to sit or finally getting up to the buffet only to find your food is cold. Be smart when it comes to Hoco.

13. Using the slang for the buildings on campus.

Upperclassman know Holloway Commons= Hoco, Memorial Union Building= MUB, Philbrook= Philly, Thompson Hall= T Hall. At first you may be really confused and think there’s even more buildings on campus and you’re so lost. You’ll get it eventually.

14. Cats Cache gets you anything you want on campus.

Cats Cache is like a beautiful credit card that you don’t have to pay the money back later. You see something you want and you scan your card, only problem is when you go to check your balance. You realize now that money doesn’t grow on trees and you better start budgeting.

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15. Easy access to Amtrak, right across from the Whitt.

The train goes right through campus and can take you anywhere for under $20. It’s a beautiful thing really.


16. Bringing your “real” winter clothes after Thanksgiving.

Living in New England you bring your slightly warm just fall clothes will you when you come up or when your parents visit you on parent weekend. The real winter clothes don’t get brought out until after Thanksgiving and you know you’ll need it because the snow will start falling soon enough.

17. Specials at the dining halls.

Most people know UNH has award winning dining halls, for most it was one of the reasons they chose to come here. If you are one of those people you know what specials they have for dinner each day of the week like Sushi on Mondays.

18. Waiting for the elevator if you’re on the top floor.

If you live at the top floor of stoke or on the top floors of Willy or Christenson you know you might as well get your daily dose of exercise in and take those stairs because you know that elevator ride is going to take a long time.

19. Living in the Upper Quad or part of campus by down town and people asking “Where???”

Maybe not many of you have to experience this but if you are on the unfortunate ones like me you know you might as well just say “the backside of Hoco,” and leave it at that.

20. Being able to continue summer at the pool.

The new pool is only a luxury the students this year just get to experience of continuing summer at the pool and getting a nice tan before it fades away for the winter months.


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Olivia Potenziano

I'm a freshman at UNH declared as an English/Journalism major! I live in Mystic, Connecticut and have the cutest english yellow lab named Tucker. I'm a fun, outgoing person that just wants to write sarcastic blogs and post them on Society19!

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