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20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To UC Riverside

20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To UC Riverside

20 Things You Only Understand If You Go To UC Riverside

UC Riverside is a great place with a unique atmosphere. There are plenty of things only UC Riverside students understand on campus. Keep reading for 20 things you only understand if you go to UC Riverside!

1. UC Riverside is a unique place.

Unfortunately, we have a reputation of being the butt end of UC jokes. However, something you will understand when you do go to UC Riverside is that you learn to love the school despite the reputation.

2. Lot 30 is the worst.

Lot 30 is literally what we all imagine hell to be like. If you’re five minutes late to your class already, you might as well not go because you will be parking for 30 minutes and walking for another 15.


3. Our mascot used to be an orange and now it’s a bear in a kilt.

It’s a unique feeling.

4. Yes, the bagpipes are a thing.

5. The air conditioning will always be broken in UNLH the first month of school every year.

It will be 115 degrees inside and you will just need to deal with it.



6. You have to work extra hard not to fall flat on your face in Physics 2000.

Let’s not even talk about the creaking chairs.

7. If you need to go to office hours in Humanities, get ready to set aside at least half an hour to navigate that monstrosity.

8. The death of GROWL in the Winter of 2016 left the entire UC Riverside population shook.

9. You know Narnia isn’t a place in a wardrobe.

10. Hiking the C and coming face to face with a rattlesnake or coyote.

It just might be the scariest thing ever.


11. Not understanding why we have Habaneros instead of Chipotle.

12. You get low-key pleased when you make a freshman friend.

Because you know that they have dining dollars.

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13. Being super close to NOS Event Center doesn’t suck.

14. And our gym is awesome.

15. There’s considerable square footage at your school dedicated towards fields and fields of oranges.



16. We all hate the season of the cum trees.

17. Sometimes, we have classes in the university theater.

And we all hate those.

18. Having class in the morning and the evening in the winter means that you have no clue whether to wear shorts or sweats…

Because you know it’s going to be both 95 and 65 degrees in the same day.

19. The charger tables just do not work.

20. You understand the pain of needing to drive a significant distance to get to a decent mall.

What are some other things you only understand if you go to UC Riverside? Share in the comments below!
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